Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I'm totally digging their acid drops. So addictive were they that I can't stop popping one after another. Ditto for my colleagues.

My colleague Jim had been huffing and puffing about this candy shop that his friend opened and he told me that their stuff are 100% handmade.

Handmade taffy, actually. With cute little patterns inside, to boot. As you can see, these are long pieces that's been cut up.

Whose curiousity won't be piqued by that kind of information, tell me?

So when he came in one morning with numerous packets of various flavours, I was quick to see that they have a WEBSITE.

Check out the video they had there. Be amazed by how they make these babies!

Aside from colours and flavours (most likely artificial), I'm glad to see they have no preservatives or other additives whatsoever.

But my female boss has been at me to watch my sugar intake.. Haizz....

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