Saturday, May 02, 2009

cotton bud (literally!)

My neighbour, who works at Sarimbun Camp, (which is literally surrounded by a forest) brought back some cotton seedlings for my mum, knowing my mum's hobby for planting various types of plants.

Little did we expect it to thrive in a little pot and it actually have buds after some months! Quite an easy 'plant' to 'plant', after all!

Quite a cute-looking cotton-bud, huh?

kinda look a little like a strawberry!

a ripe one

Check out one of the ripened pod.


The cotton had filled its pod and it's bursting at its seams.

Can you imagine a whole field covered with burst cotton pods? Gorgeous!

nice or not?

The 'bunga manggar' at my neighbour's wedding. It's the first time I see coloured feathers being used.

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