Wednesday, May 20, 2009

oh, brother!

Here's a piece of the conversation that I had with my brother recently:

Bro: Hey, I wanna watch Angels & Demons. Looks good.
Me: Oh, you should have read the book 1st.
Bro: What's it about?
Me: The pope died and they are going to nominate another at the Vatican and the 4 cardinals got kidnapped and this guy gotta help the Church find them. I can't tell you what happen in the end. You should have read the book...
Bro: Doesn't matter. So tell me, who won at the end...?
Me: Erk...?! Huh...?
Bro: Who won? The Angels or the Demons???
Me: ......??

Me: Woit!! If you thing this movie is like those knight's tales or something like Constantine or whatever, you are SO wrong. It's about religious conspiracy and history, la...!
Bro: Cheh!!!

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