Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Krisdayanti @ Esplanande

This one here was sure a good enough excuse to finally meet up with my mates.

Man, those times when we wound the car windows down and blast her music over the audio and sing out loud - to the wind... Songs like 'Mencintaimu', 'Menghitung Hari', 'Cinta' And 'I'm Sorry, Goodbye'. We sang them like some crazy b****** while whizzing down the highway.

And I love those moments.... Sigh.

So when the diva herself comes down for a gig at The Esplanande... Oh wow! Kerplunked some $80++ which only seat us at the less-desirable upper terraces. But hey, we get to hear her... Live!

And despite coming in a tad late, we actually got our seats upgraded - a WHOLE level down at the side terraces. Where most of the Indo celebs chose to be.

No joke! BCL was in our row and the riotous zone next to ours turns out to be Shanti & friends. There's more who came but I only find them familiar. My knowledge on them still raw, la. Melly Goeslaw and family was at the terrace across from us.

Seeing her first costume/dress, I was in awe, seeing that it was indeed elegant. And she was 'covered-up'. I wasn't being conservative but she said so herself, that she wanna 'improve' on her wardrobe when performing. Improve as in more 'covered-up'. Supposedly inspired by Siti Nurhaliza.

Second costume was cute. Very lolita-esque.

And then she unzipped the ballooning skirt. And frisk around in a short dress. Oooookaaayyy.... I had previously whispered to Khamz, "Wow, she finally did cover-up."

Prior to that unzipping, I whispered back to him, "errm.... I take back my words."

Well to each, her own.

And choosing to sit while wearing that short dress was seriously, a bad choice. I can sense the discomfort on having to keep her legs tightly together seeing that they were in full view of the audience right in front.

And the shoes. My gawd, the SHOES! Gorgeous as they were, I can't help cringing with every time she skipped, hopped and danced in them. Especially the 3rd costume change, when the black pair had some really KILLER heels. Like 4 inches of less-than-1cm thick spikes.

And she danced to P.Ramlee's 'Bunyi Gitar' and even did a salsa dance in them! Oh, my heart wasn't good that day. I kept gripping my seat, my eyes transfixed on her heels (almost) the whole time.

And then there's her daughter who came on stage to perform, playing on the keyboard alongside her mum who was crooning 'Mencintaimu'. That poor girl need to learn a thing or two from her mummy, especially when it comes to gathering her guts. She came on stage with her head hung (really) low and and the end, when she came out her family, she had her eyes cast down the whole time.

Some serious self-esteem issues, there.

Despite the really short duration of 1.5hrs, I believe that her no-less-than-powerful voice and great showmanship made the steep ticket price pretty worth it. Now that's a diva there. What do we expect? Unregrettable, definitely.

Thanks a lot, KAi for the invite!

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