Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I haven't been updating much have I..?

And honestly, I have another day of Lombok food to blog about and I don't see that being published in a long while.

The peeks have appeared differently have it? First, I just changed cam which possess a great macro mode but I'm definitely missing the super macro mode of the Olympus.

Another thing is that I don't have time to tinker here and there with the editing.

And I've been using Photobucket... Pfft. Flickr still rocks.

Been having the nights to myself at the new abode and yet, instead of hogging the comp the whole night, I find myself sleeping away. Sooo tired!

Gone are the days when my sleeping time ranges from at least 1am. Now, it's no surprise if I'm dead asleep at 11pm. Egad! That's SO unheard of when I'm at Bedok!

Not when I have my programmes on KBS. Now, what KBS? So sad....

Not that things are bad here. It's all good. All the extra company, the sound of the crickets from the dense vegetation across the road, the bright neon from Downtown East and especially the 7-11 under the block. Oh yeahhhh.....!

But living at the 3rd storey when I've been residing at the 10th since god-knows-when..... That takes some adjusting to. The noise from people under the block sounded like they're outside my bedroom door!

Another thing that need adjusting is the journey to and from work now. From MAX. 25 mins journey (15mins bus ride+10mins walking) with DIRECT buses (4 nos!) from my place to a hectic 1hr journey (bus + walk to train station + train ride + bus) or and 1.5hrs bus ride (bus + another bus) which will see me passing my previous abode and darn, I'll be lying if I say I didn't miss that place!

Another thing is the presence of the maid. Where I see things done in a jiffy, without me lifting a finger. Good, you say? Not when you spent the whole of your life doing your own things.... I can't even iron my own clothes before being stopped and have the job taken over. And that's so WEIRD. Especially when you're out to impress your MIL. Hah!

And uhhh.... if only my MIL doesn't keep switching off the broadband out of habit - every night. Then maybe, I can blog in peace. And upload all the pics I had in cold storage. MAYBE...

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Tini MatinRaqin said...

oh CT..i do understand..bnyk2 sabar eh..we shall meet up for dinner soon k! take care my dear long lost neighbor..heheh..