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Lombok foods - Day 3

Since we were to go out early for our tour, I managed to convince hubby to have our breakfast at the resort's Quali Restaurant instead of having yet another room service.

Hubby had what I had the day before - American Breakfast w/ scrambled egg and beef bacon.

Here's what I had. Something from the Archipelago Breakfast set.
Bubor Ayam (Chicken Porridge)

Unlike the more diluted version that we're often exposed to, here the rice porridge was thick and lumpy, akin to oats porridge. But enjoyable, nonetheless. And makes for faster consumption.

Topped with shredded fried chicken, hard-boiled egg and belinjo crackers, this easily became my fave breakfast item. Must be the cili padi (cabe rawet) on the side...

The tour this time, we ventured to areas to the south of Mataram.

After the trip to the traditional Sasak village and especially the hiking around the mountainous terrain during the trip to the waterfalls, we got pretty hungry.

Our driver brought us to a typical restaurant that seemed pretty popular with the locals. It was just after the lunchtime hour and the soiled dishes were stacked all over the tables. The staff must have been taking a breather after the hustle-and-bustle previously.

The driver told us that the owner is from Madura and he married a local here (of Javanese descent), thus the food served here is a mix from all these areas.
I ordered the Es Teler

I was yearning for something cold and sweet to refresh myself on that hot day.

Of course 'sweet' is such and underrated word here, seeing Indonesian's penchant for being pretty generous with their sugar and syrup.

Thankfully, this one here ain't that sweet. THANKFULLY.
The contents

It's somewhat similar to our Ice Kachang, except that they have fruits in here. There's jackfruit, coconut, kolang-kaling/atap chee/kabong that's coloured dark green and jelly.
Gule Kambing

I was still reminiscing the Gule/Gulai Kikil (goat's tendon soup) from the day before and was looking for it on the menu. Unfortunately, there ain't any so I went for the closest alternative.

Gule kambing is simply mutton (goat) soup. I expected simple chunks of meat but I got the ribs portion which were such a delight to nibble on. Even hubby relished on eating these dainty rib pieces.

Note that I keep emphasising on the 'goat' part. In Singapore, when we say 'mutton', it's usually meat from the sheep (or 'domba' as it's known in Indonesia), which can be pretty fatty. Maybe that's why some can't tolerate the smell and the fat content, thus the dizziness.

But here, they use those cute little goats usually seen in our tropical region. The one with the little horns and beards (goatee). And they have minimal fats on their meats. And their meat is reddish and really tender.

Saw a man on the next table savouring his plate of Pecel (spicy peanut sauce with vegatables) and it was really tempting.

I saw it on the menu. And I also saw another name which piqued my curiosity. I asked the driver and he looked at it quizzically. He then asked the staff.

He hemmed and hawed, before saying that it's similar to Pecel. -_-

So I took it.

It looks and taste similar to Pecel, actually. I dunno what's the difference that granted it a different name (and price). They asked if I want lontong or noodles with it. I asked for lontong. I thought it will be it's own meal, seeing that the longtong should be pretty filling.

They still served rice with it. Oh goodness me. The locals and rice, they can't be apart, can't they?

I found the receipt. I stated that this dish is called, 'Rojak Cingur'. Whatever that means...
(Very) Simple Sup Asam

This comes with hubby's rice set. He avoided it like a plague. Said that it's 'something to feed a sick person'. The driver laughed, saying that the locals call it 'lazy person's dish', seeing how it's so simple to make.

I love it. Naturally.
Sate Kambing

I know that in Jakarta, there are eateries that serve Sate Kambing (skewered meat) alongside the Gule Kambing and both tasted fantastic.

And man, were they one of the best sate/satays ever! I can taste the sweet soy sauce, the savoury peanut sauce, the crunchy fried shallots... The well marinated meat, slight charred on the sides.... And a squeeze of the lime over these, dipping in that dollop of chili on the side before taking a bite....


I need to look for the receipt from this restaurant to check out the name of this place. Will update once I find it. It's somewhere near the Kuta beach area.

Here's the details on the place

Rumah Makan Maduratna
Komplek Pegadaian Prayatel: (0370) 654494

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