Friday, January 16, 2009


Since last week, my nights had been such a whirlwind, with me going around youtube, catching up on crucial episodes of that long-running Indonesian soap drama, also known as sinetron (that sounds like something out of Transformers), Suci.

I tell you, I never fail to feel that all these soaps are like an insult to my intelligence, or something to that extent. It's so obvious, the way the storyline just flow EVERYWHERE except where it should be - straight to the point. And yet I still kept on watching, despite knowing where it's heading. geez!

And that really irritating pregnant pauses as the camera stops and focus on one subject (eg. the male lead) before it fades to another scene? That or the part where they zoom in from his full frame, to his torso, to his face then even closer, to see all the crinkles around his eyes.

All that felt like an eternity! Is that supposed to appear more dramatic, or what? I mean just get on with the next scene, can't we? I tell you, they could have easily shaved off like 50 episodes or something if they just do away with those silly pauses.

Not to mention the fact that I felt really shortchanged by the, 'oh-well-it's-so-expected' ending. It just doesn't justify all the anguish that the viewers have been put through! I mean, you don't give such a simple, no-brainer ending after driving your viewers almost to the brink of insanity after 274 episodes!

Yes, you read right. It's TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY-FOUR episodes. Crazy or what??!

Just how did I start...?

All I did was to visit my uncle's place. His family seem to have the Sensasi cable channel on everytime I'm there. So when this show came on, I can't help watching. Only 1 episode, ok. And I got curious. pfft!

My family, we didn't subscribe to that channel because they mainly played shows that were already available on the Indonesian channels which we have at home (the advantage of living on higher floors!). I have like 5 or so Indonesian channels, believe it.

If I even watch those shows, that is... Sometimes I just got so darn sick of the similar plots and background stories. Like slow, simple-minded/dense and really goody-two-shoes protagonists. And smart, super-scheming antagonists. Rich family vs. poor family. Crazy instigators.

Oh, how can I forget this one..? Lots of crying. LOTS. And the antagonists always have these crazy-looking eyes as they start scheming, not to mention when they get angry.

However, with eye-candies like the ones below, how can one not be hooked, tell me?

Rezky Aditya. The lead actor. The one with the more-dense-than-necessary character.

At the rate that everyone watching the show kept labling his character as 'dasar bego!' (what a moron!), he'd better pray that those curses don't impact him directly.

Seriously, the drama could have ended wayyyyyyy earlier had his character been more smarter and resolve those not-THAT-complicated issues immediately.

Oh, the frustration!

Then there's this fella. Bayu Kusuma Negara. His name sure sounds like a monumental building or something.

With his pan-Asian features and doe eyes. And the wistful tone of his voice....

Despite him looking so dreamy that way, I admit that I was pretty bored by the monotonous expression that he displayed initially. I eventually sat up when his character finally began to leave an impact on me as he crossed-over to the antagonists' zone.

When his eyes start going wild and the tone of is voice turn harsh, that's when I realise that this fella can act after all!

I don't know if I'm even supposed to look out for any good acting in these soaps....

His character eventually got dissolved towards the end. I think the drama got so popular that they decided to add more episodes and Bayu Kusuma decided not to sign the contract. He's now acting in another drama, "Cucu Menantu" (granchild in-laws).

Wise choice.

Ok, this last one here may make me seem like a cradle-snatcher but rest assured I'm not (or trying hard not to be one!).

Isn't this one here just shooooo kyuuuuutttteeee?!

The youngest brother, played by Rendy Septino. New to the sinetron scene, this one.


Maybe I'm just too used to the Korean mini-dramas which mainly lasted all of 16 episodes.... I even gave up on the weekday family dramas which lasted for 150 episodes at most.

I have low tolerance for exaggerated plots, seriously.

I'm so glad that I'm finally over that Suci drama. Suci means 'pure' but the character just ain't that. Oh, go google up on the storyline or something, if you're THAT curious...!

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