Monday, January 05, 2009

ramen ten (far east)

Had lunch here before heading for a shopping spree in downtown Orchard Road with my cousin Sue.

fruit sodas

This comes with the rice set that Sue and I ordered. She got the blue lime soda while I settled for the strawberry flavour.

chuka idako

Japanese sweet baby octopus. The one served here comes coated with sauce of such a thick consistency, it comes off as gooey.

However, the taste remains the same, thankfully.

chicken karaage

This is the side dish that accompanies Sue's main dish for her set. Soy sauce-marinated chicken that's deep-fried.

agedashi tofu

My side to accompany my main dish. Deep-fried tofu with 'tentsuyu' sauce.

yakiniku beef

Sue's order. The main dish for her rice set.

spicy seafood

My main dish for the rice set.

Consisted of 1 no. mussel & queen scallop + 2 nos. clams, shrimps and squids. The sauce tasted almost like the one used in the famed chili crab dish.


Aside from the different sides and mains for the set, we similarly had the 'chawanmushi' (steamed egg) and miso soup.


Condiments for the rice set meal. Seasoned 'nori' (seaweed), watermelon slices and 'tukuan' (pickled radish).


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