Saturday, January 03, 2009


Cheng Sen Hua temple

I always cut across this temple grounds when getting to Paya Lebar.

If that red gate with the 'ying-yang' is closed, then I'll cut through the grounds of the Cheng Hong Siang Tng temple next door, which seemed to house tablets of people's ancestors, or something to that extent.

Creepy....? Uhh... Gotten used to it I guess.

I'm curious about this display wall depicting the various Chinese stories on filial piety which surprisingly, is also in Malay. Maybe I should take time one day, to stop and read it although I am tad shy to actually do that.

I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to Chinese mythology & their deities, so correct me if I'm wrong.

Within the same grounds, there are statues of the Buddha AND the 'Yen Luo' (hell guardian in Chinese mythology) who's flanked by the Bull-head & horse-face. I don't see how significant one is, to the other but it's such a contrast, to see the former, looking so serene and the latter, all creepy with that fierce outlook and basked in the dim glow of green lighting.

Since my knowledge on all this is pretty much zilch, well I shall leave it at that. With due respect to those holy religious grounds, I do try my best to be quiet and walk briskly as I cut through these temple grounds.

And yes, I still cut through here even at twilight or at night. . .

No reason for showing this photo. Just that I was on 1/2 day and walked here in the middle of the day when the sun shone (really) brightly. It was dead quiet and looking around, I felt like I've been transported somewhere rural.

That gravel ground, the chinese willow on one side and the sugarcane plant on the other....

I miss going back to the kampungs, no matter where.... I do get sick of this concrete jungle, seriously....

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