Sunday, January 18, 2009

delifrance desserts

Hey, like... FINALLY! Another food entry!

Got a sorta' 1/2 day that day for the office was going through some kind of revamp with the existing furniture system (which I so so adore!).

It's funny that it should happen right in the thick of our deadline mess. Thankfully, we got a few days extension.

Come to think of it, I'd prefer the extension PLUS the hours that we're missing currently. Especially since I discovered that the cad drawings I got from the architecture firm turned out wayyyy different from the actual building on side. And that's just the facade.

Anyway, the stress-heads that we were that day, Sri (my colleague) and I decide to just binge it.

Made way to McD at to get our hands on the Prosperity Burger... oh wait.. make that the MEGA (double beef patties) Prosperity Burger & Twister fries. And add on yet another large regular fries prior to that.

And I still have no idea why this promotion comes during every Chinese New Year period. What does black pepper sauce or curly fries have anything to do with the festivities..? Beats me.

Post lunch, we thought that we still hadn't had enough. The stress from the past week surely got to our heads. Sri had been craving for cakes the day before. And that day, she started talking about ice-cream instead.

Inside the modest Singapore Post shopping centre, I can't find much options. I was thinking CBTL (ice-blended)? Kopitiam (ice-cream ice kacang)? NTUC (Cornetto/Magnum)?

Then I recalled that I've had some interesting gourmet ice-cream platters at Delifrance before, though years back. It was right when they just revamped their concept from a cafe to a bistro of sorts.

I was apprehensive of the one here, though. Not only was this branch pretty small, I don't see it appearing like a bistro (did they omit this branch from the revamp?). We went in anyway and came upon this menu on the tables. Phew!

Delifrance's dessert menu (part)

Sri eventually chose the Fondant de Chocolat Chaud. Which translates as: "Hot Chocolate Fondant".

Interesting, considering she craved for cakes the day before and ice-cream that day, so she got both.

I chose the Cerises Jubilee. Which translates as: "Cherries Jubilee".

Fondant de Chocolat Chaud

Boy, am I so glad that I didn't keep my hopes high and expect it to be like the Warm Chocolate Cake at Bakerzin. Or even the Chocolate Fondant from Beard Papa.

Not only was the one that came to our table a sore rendition of those, it was EVEN a sore version of how it appeared on the menu!

Go and scroll up to see the menu pic again. See the difference..?

Even a non-foodie can tell that the cake's pre-baked. And re-heated. Suspiciously run-off-the-mill and off the shelves kind. I'm still fine with that, actually.

But when the top part of the cake dropped into an obvious hollowness in the mid-section and the bottom part cracked open in that manner, would you even dare to serve it, tell me? I mean, that cake is obviously too dry!

And the molten chocolate that's supposed to flow out? They supposedly made up for it with some chocolate fudge on the plate. Goodness knows which one is actually the chocolate from the cake and which one is the poured fudge.

Both tasted sneakingly similar...

Cerises Jubilee

And yes, this one is doesn't look like how it appear on the menu too. But who cares (anymore).

The cherry sauce was warm which was understandable since it requires some preparation over some heat. But the consistency was a tad watery and as the melted ice-cream eventually mingled with the sauce, it felt like I was sipping on some lukewarm cream-of-cherries soup instead.

Thankfully it came in that cappuccino cup. Make scooping all the more easier. And I'm glad that they didn't skimp on the toasted almond flakes. Love those crunchy bits!

Maybe it's just too bad that I've had my fair share of nice & interesting desserts, so that memories of those mediocre/bad ones tend to stick out like a sore thumb.

Seriously, for that chocolate cake, I'd recommend that you buy the one from Beard Papa's and get a tiny tub of Haagen Dazs or B&J vanilla ice-cream to go with it. The price will come to about the same.

And it'll definitely taste better.

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