Thursday, January 29, 2009

pre-wedding jitters..?

uhhh.... wat's that?

Seriously, I'm too busy to even think about that now. I guess it's pretty obvious, given how 'often' I'm updating this page.

What with me finding time to drive my parents to send out the wedding invites to the elders, to weddings, catching up with cousins and friends....

And the fact that I have to make appointments for my fortnightly facials, weekly 'lulur' (body scrub), massages and wraps....

Then there's the hen-parties for which I've been asked to make time for. And it's not just one.

And work is definitely not holding up well. Definitely straining under the burden weight of one deadline after another and I'm still taking baby steps with that new software, with which, I'm doing a full-scale project.

I can't even take leave for my honeymoon without a hint of guilt, having left my colleagues on their own when we are definitely getting busier.

Anyway.... another reason why I ain't updating much is due to the fact that I have yet to find my camera. Sheesh!

Just hoping it's somewhere in my home instead of me dropping it elsewhere outside. I can't imagine anyone getting hold of my pics, what with my crazy antics and poses...

Sorry eh, Imah & Sue. Will upload last Friday's pics as soon as I find it. Guess 'it' is teaching me a lesson for wanting to have it replaced.... Come to think of it, I would have already gotten hold of another camera, had I not been so busy.

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