Monday, October 29, 2007

sg wannabe timeless

more mega korean movie drama music videos

SG WannaBe's first MV, Timeless.

Okay..... Not to be mistaken with the other mega MV by Jang Ri In feat. Xiah Junsu, the song also (coincidentally) called Timeless.

There are 2 parts to this MV (not surprisingly), with each being almost 10mins long. And 2 different songs, actually.

The song, Timeless MV emphasize more on the guy's part, the other song called Jug Eur Man Keum Sa Rang Haess Eo Yo (I Loved You To Death) is the girl's version.

Those soft-at-heart, get the tissues ready. Don't say I didn't remind you...

Do pinch yourself every now and then to remind thyself that this is merely a MUSIC VIDEO.

Seduction? check. Drama? check. Car chases? check. Explosions? check. Gun-fight? check. A twist in the end? check.

All in under 10 mins. Nary a dialogue. Song playing in the background . . .

*pinched self* This is just an MV... This is just an MV...

Jug Eur Man Keum Sa Rang Haess Eo Yo (I Loved You To Death).

By the way, the police woman in the MV is Kim Yun Jin, the actress in the famed American TV Series "Lost"... and the guy is Kim Nam Jin.

There's a 3rd vid, actually. It's edited to have both parts combined. By the time I'm done watching that one, I got so numb.

There's only so much drama that I can accept in MVs.

this. is. too. much.

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