Monday, October 08, 2007

spring cleaning etc.

If there's something I'd admit to, is that spring cleaning happens only anually. Cos' I'm allergic to dust. That and the fact that I have to throw away things.

Somewhere down the bloodline, someone is like the 'karung-guni' - the malay term for someone who has a penchant for collecting old stuff; for both practical and sentimental reasons.

I inherit that trait.

I seriously have an issue with throwing things away. I'd rather stash them away than feel the loss; knowing that I can never see that item again.

But this year I was more... how do I put it..? Driven?? I throw away things that I had stashed away thru' the past spring-cleanings. Without batting an eyelid.

*breathes hard* Wow. I alone gathered 3 trash-bags full of junk (yes, i admit they are).

And the saddest part was to discard all the stuff from my poly days. My sketches and design proposals for the bungalow project in year 1, the condo project in year 2 and the commercial hub in year 3...

My sweat, blood and tears eventually beacame JUNK. And I kept them for 5 years. *sobs*

After all that cleaning, all my parents and I wanna do was to wash up and eat out. Fetched my bro and head to Bedok Corner.

My mum gave Gemelli the thumbs up. Even my bro who was never the pasta-fan volunteered to finish up her Chicken & Mushroom Penne in Cream Sauce.

I had the Marinara. FYI, since this stall used the authentic Italian names of the dishes, they dun even know what ma-ree-na-rah is. I found out later the actual Italian name is something else.

I love the hefty amount of clams and the thick rings of calamari and juicy prawns in that dish.

All remarked about the generous servings. They totally dig the thin pizza crust laden with that thick, thick layer of cheese.

And I saw that most of the tables around us had their own plate of pizza.

And with the hot weather that day, I tot' going there would help satiate my craving for cheng tng. After all the cheng tng there was the famous one, rite?

The queue was very long when I got there (naturally!). So I thought I'd wait till the queueing subside or until I've finished my meal. True enough, there was no longer a queue by the time I'm done. So I gleefully pulled my brother along.

I got there only to see the the hawkers cleaning up their stall. Literally.

NO WONDER there's no more queue! No more cheng tng! Pfft!

After that it's back to my family's favourite pastime. Sleep by the beach after dinner.

Lay down the mats, throw down the pillows and enjoy the breeze. Oooh, this is getting to be a habit.

I remember after my birthday dinner treat, my WHOLE family actually dozed off by the beach! I woke up the the flustered voice of my mum waking us up and hour later, saying that ALL of us had slept for almost an hour there. Whoa!

My mum will sometimes do what she does best. Count the flights that are landing. That Saturday night, the amount of flights that came in were freaky!

There were definitely more than 1 flights in a minute! And the planes were like queueing in the airspace, waiting for their turn to land at Changi airport. The period when we can't see any planes was brief. Cos' soon after, the all familiar twinkling lights came to view.

Man, that's quite an entry. Ok dah. Tired already.

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