Tuesday, October 02, 2007

barking up the wrong tree

barking up the wrong tree

Do you have stories that when recalled, make you smile that little smile? And people around you looked at you funny because you looked weird while doing that?

I can't help smirking everytime I recalled this story recounted by a friend of mine.

Let's call him Guy A. He is... well... just NOT into girls (I'm sure you get what I mean). Guy A dined out one day, with his... erm... 'darling', Guy B.

And where they dined, they were served by this girl who obviously gave Guy A 'the look'. You know - going all bashful, secret peeks, little giggles.

And Guy B, amused by the attention that 'his darling' got from her, cheekily took the opportunity to call her over to their table a couple of times, just to make menial enquiries. Asking her about the food & beverages in the menu, the membership card etc.

You wouldn't have suspected that 2 guys having a meal together to be a couple, rite?

Anyway, less than a week later, Guy A brought his gal-pal, Girl B to that same restaurant for dinner. Only at the restaurant, did he quietly point out Girl A to Girl B and recounted what happened previously.

Aghast, Girl B exclaimed "Man, I should really stay away from you."

And true enough, Girl A actually kept her distance. And the one time Guy A called her over, she was all awkwardness. Girl B felt almost sympathetic, knowing that Girl A had thought of her to be Guy A's girlfren.

"I really should stay away, you know. People are having the wrong idea." Girl B said, eyebrow raised.

Guy A was grinning, "Yeah, I think right now she's heart-broken because of you."

"You're not helping much, here..."

"Oh well, not that I'm interested anyway. It's just too bad she's barking up the wrong tree."


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