Tuesday, October 23, 2007

selfish ingrates!

selfish ingrates!

I read this article in POPSEOUL. It got me fuming mad.

" ... Sexy singer Mina’s father passed away yesterday, but her management company kept this sad news from her, for they are worried that her performance in the states might be compromised. I can’t believe that her managers personally asked her family not to share the news about her father’s death. I would be appalled if I were her and would refuse to work with them in the future. What do you think? Did Mina’s management do the right thing?

...Mina came back to Korea yesterday and found out about her father’s death when she turned on her cell-phone and read text messages offering condolences. What a horrible way to find out about your father’s death! Mina couldn’t stop sobbing upon hearing the news because she was especially close to her dad....

RIP Mina’s father and my condolences to the family... "

I don't know what the heck her reaction to what the management did was.

But I was hoping that she stormed into their office, turned the interiors upside-down/inside-out and proceed to tear her contract (if there's any) in their faces.

She shouldn't care what their explanations were cos' all these screamed of their intentions being S-E-L-F-I-S-H !

Talk about being cruel.

Maybe they even threatened her family into zipping up. I mean, if I'm her family I'll go ahead and inform her anyway.

A death in the family is a good excuse as any to drop all plans and fly back home.

I really hope the management company gets the boot. They deserve it.

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