Wednesday, October 10, 2007

too much korean

when your family watched too much korean schtuffs...

Ok, with KBS (StarHub ch.100) as our staple channel daily (yes, including the weekend); it comes as no surprise, doesn't it?

Signs showing your family watched too much korean dramas:
- When a resounding cry of, "Om-ma (mum)!" in a crowded supermarket had my mum quickly looking for me.

- When I abruptly said, "Chakam-man (wait)!" as my dad is walking away, he stopped, looked back and waited.

- When I playfully mumbled the word, "Abu-ji (dad)," my dad turns. I like the sound of that word.

- When I queued at a counter and my brother is at another further down, he came over when I cried, "Oppa (elder brother)!"

- When my parents nod their heads, acknowledging my gratitude when I said, "Ko-mawo (thanks)."

- When my mum chuckled as I said, 'Bi-anata (sorry)" when I bumped into someone on the streets.

- When we hymn to the same Korean trot song.

- When I said, "Ai-goo, ai-goo (oh boy, oh boy)". And my parents ask what's wrong.


My dad loves the Korean trot (similar to America's country music and M'sia lagu Asli). He also loves their ballads (he's convinced Koreans have great voices). I love their music too. The songlist in my mp3 can vouch for that.

My mum and I love the dramas and variety shows. And the ladies fashion (we're still reeling from shock at the mens' fashion).

I love the men. My bro love the women.

And we all LOVE Korean food!

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