Friday, March 09, 2007

HK pt 1

Hong Kong (Pt. Uno)

I am missing Hong Kong so much, it hurts. All the things I've packed and brought back, I think I've forgotten part of my heart. And soul.

Do I like Hong Kong?

I LOVE it. So much. I'm contemplating going back there. Possibly alone (my parents' are so gonna strangle me).

I love taking long walks from one street to the other. I love the bright lights. I love the cold air. I love the views. I love the infrastructure. I love their transportation. I just love the ease at which I'm able to get around.

And I love the men there. Or how they dress for that matter. The hair. The shoes. And their nicely-shaped noses.

There's a lot that I missed venturing to. No more Disneyland. No more Ocean Park. Next, it'll be Star Ferry and Causeway Bay. The Peak in the day. Soho. Wanchai. Macau. And more of Tsim Sha Tsui! The streets! More men! Haha.

I LOVE Hong Kong. Have I said that already? *sigh*

The wallpaper currently on my handphone.

Taken in the middle of Nathan Road, while waiting for the traffic lights to turn green.

I miss that place...

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