Sunday, February 25, 2007

eh, got fireworks, la!

eh, got fireworks, la!

Do you know that? Well, I don't.

I was in a shopping mood yesterday. And those who know me will know that I'm not the shopping type. Only when the mood kick in, then will I get off my ass to wander at the malls. Otherwise, it's just a go-straight-for-the-stuff-and-buy affair.

Thing is, when I really do shop, I usually ending up inflicting some serious damage to my pockets. Luckily I know where to head for the discounts.

Dragged my cousins, nephews and nieces all the way to Queesway S.C. just to get a pair of Crocs. FYI, there's this shop there that sell (original) Crocs excluding gst so my mary-janes cost $49++ instead of $52++, as sold outside. At least Sue also bought a pair so I don't feel so bad having them following me there...

Then I got myself a new digicam at $499 instead of the usual $600++ because of the CNY promotions. Funny thing is, I had aimed, researched and intended to buy the Nikon S8 and yet, I walked away from Harvey Norman with an Olympus Stylus 740. And that includes a free 512mb SD card, card reader and screen protector (almost $90 worth). And I'm claiming another (free!) 1gb SD card and an Adobe software (more than $60 worth) from the Olympus office. And $10 off my puchase of a new battery.

I was so tempted to get the coloured ones but I was reminded that scratches will be obvious so I opt for the silver one instead... :P

After having dragged them through Suntec, Millenia Walk and Marina (I dunno Dorothy Perkins Suntec is closed), I compensate by offering to chill at the Esplanade with some ice-cream. We chose to sit on the bridge, seeing that it's not as crowded as the waterfront. Little do I know that our choice location was brought on by a stroke of luck...

When it's almost 9pm, I can see that more and more people are packing the waterfront and even the bridge. And curiously enough, most of them were leaning on the railings at where we're sitting. My cousin Nor had mentioned that there could be a fireworks display. Hmm...

At the stroke of 9 I heard someone doing the countdown at the River Hongbao fair on the other side and true enough, a brilliant display of lights actually exploded in the dark night sky. I also realised that the place we sat at was a strategic spot cos' we got a direct view of the fireworks. Superb!

Got a new camera, might as well use it, right?

Do you get dizzy viewing that? Well I do. There are other videos to upload actually but I chose that one. That's just the sadist in me, there. Heh.

Remind me to NEVER allow my cousin Yati to take videos EVER AGAIN. Her hands are super unsteady, man!

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