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CINTA : A Story About Love (Malay)

CINTA : A Story About Love (Malay)

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When this movie was about to be screened in M'sia, many were pretty apprehensive, given the less-than-good reputation of the romantic movies there. As cliched as can be, one might say.

And after the preview, everyone raved about it; the critics, media and the general public alike. And the main reason they rave? Because it's different. And it IS good. Many ladies remarked, "Bring the tissues. You'll need it."

I was dismayed to see that none of the S'pore cinemas are screening it. Apparently, no local distributor think it to be worth bringing in. I asked the M'sian online community, even those familiar with the media or film industry, if anyone know if this movie is to be screened here but no one had any idea. Sheesh!

I know that I can just head over to City Square in JB (the nearest movie theatre across the causeway) but that's not an option.


My cousin informed me that she had bought a copy of the VCD (original, ok). Apprently, it's been released and immediately, I got her to purchase one for me.

Is it worth all that raving?


They say it's different. I say it's not even worth comparing to. It's on a league of it's own. Sure it's reminiscent of that British movie, Love Actually but it's just the concept. The 5 stories are all seemed original.

And how the stories flow, well, it's inter-connected yet at the same time it can be independent of each other. It's just some mere/minute detail that intertwine each story together.

And the plot, it's straightforward. There's no beating about the bush in getting the message through. Emotions are openly expressed through the character's physical actions or facial expressions.

And they explore different aspects of love with each story.

Like in the first story: Does compassion & sympathy lead to love? What if you are already in the twilight years? Is it too late for love?

How does it feel to love a married man? And having your only brother despise you because of that? How far will you go for sibling love?

A private man who's a public figure. Just how far will you go in keeping you life secluded from the public eye? Even your love life?

Have you realised that you've been blinded to the affections of the very person close to you, as you yearn for the very person who's pushed you away?

What do you do when the person you love betray you? Do you hold on? How do you move on?

Golden words of wisdom I learn from this movie.
"Sometimes the person we love most is the most difficult to love."

"A little girl taught me that to love someone is to let go."
My only gripe is the poor picture & sound quality of the vcd. I should have just waited for the DVD. Even the subtitles are sparse.

The soundtrack is good. Enough (good) songs to let you get 'the feel' throughout the movie.

My verdict: Watch it. Dun worry. This movie is no Yusof Haslam. Far from it. I assure you.

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