Friday, February 23, 2007

public holiday, avoid sentosa

when public holiday, avoid sentosa at all costs
Monday, 19th Feb


I think that the brood of 3 adults, 3 teens, 9 little nephews & nieces that I came with are the only handful of locals at Sentosa that day.

That island was teeming with foreigners of all shapes and sizes. And that include those who are based here.

I felt like a foreigner in my own country. And the weather didn't help much, either.

Driving to Harbourfront (parking only at $2/= per entry on PH.. so cheap!!), I came across a traffic jam which I wrongly assume to be leading into Vivo City. Turns out, all the cars were turning into the Sentosa Gateway. And my cousin told me that there was a snaking queue at the bus interchange. Need I even mention the Sentosa Express (monorail)?? Oh, oh... And the tram service to the beaches??

I almost turned back.

Then it also rained. I assumed it to be the usual passing cloud and that's it. But it lasted for over 15mins and it was a DOWNPOUR, actually. Then the skies poured its load again and AGAIN. We adults were so worried for the kids' well-being while they took the chance to frolick in the afternoon showers.

And you know what's the irony? That when the tide was receeding and the water gets shallower, the crowd comes in full force. The lagoon was like an overcrowded bathtub. I think the lifeguards must have had a big headache handling the onslaught of picnickers.

And taking the bus transfer back was another issue. Sentosa practically hired some private buses on top of their own fleet of buses to shuttle the mass of visitors back to Harbourfront.

But the kids were so happy. I guess the smiles on their faces makes all the ordeal worth enduring.

Sigh... So much for the kids... ; )

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