Sunday, February 11, 2007

release tension...

release tension...

The past 2 weeks have been a pretty downslide at work. No thanks to the overtiming of course. I dunno if it is their belief or just for the record but is it necessary to have work done by chinese new year?

Maybe yeah, praticality is one thing. The long holidays and all but seriously???

I'm beat. Even my masseuse had said that my body screams, 'Fatigue!!!"

Anyway, after a whole week of OT and even coming back that Saturday (27th Jan) to burn some hours at work, I realise that I need to release the pent-up tension. I called my most reliable source of fun-seekers - my cousins Sue & Yati and Yati's brood of kids.

I remembered that I hadn't been able to talk to my father that few days because I came home late from work and he slept early. So I resolved to spend some time with my family; considering they're pretty immobile without the car and my bro (the other driver) has gone for re-service so I bring them out for a dinner of Ayam Penyet before jetting off to the west (in this case, Jurong) to fetch my brood of fun-seekers.

I had no idea where to bring them for dinner so I just drove to the 1st place that comes to mind, Al-Ameen (Bt. Timah). The food there is pretty mediocre. The standard's been slipping, I think. But I've seen people ordering their North indian dishes and the fact there's a chef dealing with their real tandoor oven intrigue me enough. Maybe next time I'll just stick to ordering JUST those.

And we also tried this.

Fried Ice-Cream
Just some ice-cream inside some fried doughnut. Interesting. But I much prefer the Belgian waffles that's offered by this certain fella in the same premise (pay differently).

I think there're 5 flavours to choose from but we forgot to cite our preference and got only strawberry & vanilla. -_-

Then it's off to West Coast Park.
...You may ask, why there?

C'mon. Admit it. Every one of us still have the inner child within. What better way to release tension than goofing around in a playground? Who say adults are no longer capable of such fun? Besides, West Coast Park have equipments that facilitate adult use.

Dun even think of using those regular ones u see in your neighbourhood, lest you wanna risk damaging them. Those are meant for KIDS aged max. 12 yrs old.

Yati & her kids. One of her boys are absent.

(L) Yati on this crazy 'pogo-merry-go-round' that spins real fast.
(R) Sue shrieking and laughing away as she zip down the flying-fox thingy.

I miss climbing the massive triangular rope structure cos' this brood aren't the climbing type. Maybe next time, I'll bring my brother.
We goofed and played till pass midnite. The time I called it quits is when I start getting dizzy from too many spins at the merry-go-rounds and was desperate for a huge cup of limeade from macD.

I met junior of mine from poly who also opt out of the architecture line to be a cabin-crew with SIA. He told me he'd rather go around the world 'seeing' architecture than getting involved in it.

Wise guy...

He was also there to play. Cool.
Anyway, after sips of that limeade, the dizziness dissipated and I felt that my head is clearer that ever. Playground can bring such great theraphy.

Maybe you should try that too.

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