Friday, March 23, 2007

2 girlfrens and 2 buddies

2 girlfrens and 2 buddies

A friday-nite-end-of-workweek meet up. Well for Deanna & me, that is. Been eons since we last met up, man! When was that? The time when we chilled at Tini's place? Did we meet again after that? Geez, I can't remember!

Same old thing. A simple dinner and chill-out till late. Not to mention the girl-talks. now, THAT's precioussss....

Tini & Deanna

Crazy attempt at getting the 3 of us. Putting the camera on an unstable base with nightmode gives you a scary outcome. Look at us. Seems like it's our souls that still linger..

A decent self-shot.

If you're wondering how is it that the movie 300 survive being at the top of the box office charts, that's because there are people like these 2 around.

One raved so much about it and asked if I could accompany him to watch it for the 2nd time. Turns out, by the time I decide to watch it, he sheepishly admitted to having gone for the 2nd round the night before and that day will be his THIRD time watching it.

That'll be HIM. His name is Bas.

While the other one, I've never expected him to like epic war movies. Turns out, that day will be his 2nd time watching 300. Just what have I been missing out on??! Even my bro have watched it and raved non-stop.

And that's Khama, holding his birthday pressie from us.

They have told me of the gorgeous setting, reminiscent of a comic book. How they 'stay true' to its comic book origins. And of course, the guys' physique.

And I agree. Many times, I just wanna freeze-frame and add a dialogue box at the corner of the screen. And punctuate the sound-effects where it's necessary. And I admit that Astinos (Tom Wisdom) do look juicy. Though I wouldn't encourage fans of Astinos to google up on him, for he looks so bland in real life.

All these British actors are just so pale, no doubt they had their bodies air-brushed for their role. But ah, I now recall back scenes for my favourite part in the movie with a little difference in interest. The one where Astinos and Stelios battled back-to-back? Yeah? And how close they were? Buddies and all? Yeah?

Then read THIS.

A little warning though. Homophobics may not like what they read.

Tell me you don't see the movie in a different light after reading that. That's the truth you know. It's in the history books.

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