Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Hong Kong Day 4 & 5

Hong Kong Day 4 & 5

Ahh... finally. Hafta' wake up early to check out from Stanford Hillview and transfer for our 1 night's stay at Disneyland Hollywood Hotel.

Lantau Island (where Disneyland is) is soooo... cold!

And Disneyland owns such a huge piece of land, eh? The 2 hotels (Hollywood & Hong Kong) are spaced quite far apart and I wonder if the Inspiration Lake also belongs to them. The whole area is not surprisingly, idyllic.

Since we checked in very early, we were given the room on the ground floor. And it is sooo spacious as compared to the one in Kowloon. Their plasma TV played a variety of channels including a Korean one! *whee!* And their Disney channel alone comes in 3 different languages.

Frankly speaking, HK's Disneyland is... small. Well maybe because I've been to Ocean Park & Window of the World and both parks are huge, that's why I could have felt that way. Then again, I'm not the only one who testified that. Even the rides are meant more for kids but the size can actually accomodate adults (thank goodness!).

What I love about the park is the variety of shows that we can watch that makes the exorbitant ticket price worth it.

There's the Simba Jungle Show and The Golden Mickeys - both musicals. Then there's the daily 3pm parade. And the grand finale, Disney in the Stars - the spectacular fireworks showcase held daily.

Oh, oh! The best part is being able to meet life-sized Disney stars/characters and take photos with them! I like!

And yes, I did walk around the park with Pooh's ears. It's not often that one can be like this. Kiddish? Hey, this IS Disneyland!
On the last day, we took the MTR train ride back to Kowloon for some last-minute shopping. Being morning, most of the markets are hardly open.

Had our last meal at Shadowman Internet Cafe and thanked the owner, Mr Abdul Kader for accomodating us (and our antics).

With Mr Abdul Kader himself @ Shadowman Internet Cafe

He had mentioned that we're his most wacky customers and even his wife whom we met when she came by enquired about us when she called him from S'pore (she returned 2 days earlier).

He had been our most reliable source of information and all the tales he told us have been much enlightening. And those words of wisdom, PRICELESS! If we've been wacky, then he's really witty. His endless humour had been such a relief for our exhausted selves. Will definitely drop by there the when I come back to HK (hopefully!).

Rushed back to Disneyland to be transferred to HK Int'l Airport for our night flight. It seems that 5 days there just don't seem enough. I need a week! I wanna go Macau! I wanna go and explore Hong Kong Island. I wanna see Causeway Bay! Wanchai! I wanna drop by Times Square. Oh and that very, very long escalator?

Hong Kong is still not my idea of a shopping paradise (got an earful from my frens for saying that). But the sights are really worth coming for (including the guys.. heh!). And be sure to go during the right season. Their summer I heard is pretty treacherous. Autumn will be nice. Maybe next time I'll go in autumn. That'll be in a few month's time.


Disney in The Stars - The fireworks display held daily at 8pm.

Day 4 & 5 pics located H.E.R.E

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