Friday, March 16, 2007

Hong Kong Day 3

Hong Kong Day Three

Wake up and smell the roses. We literally did that. Left early to check out Flower Market & Bird Street. I've never seen sooo many flower shops at once! And being springtime, the flowers are at their best.Gorgeous, gorgeous!

If not for the strict laws controlling the kind of goods we can bring into S'pore, I would have lugged back pots and pots of them flowers. Those tulips... *sigh*

And we took the bus! Haha. Similar to our super bus, except that it's much, much cleaner. And they make announcements for each stop. Cool! And they have directories at EVERY bus stands! Different types of buses stop at different stands, though.

We're gonna spend the day on Hong Kong Island.

Okay, so I have planned for us to hit many places but we know that Ocean Park is worth spending almost the whole day at. It's not to be missed when one goes to HK. The dolphin and sealion show (left) is worth the ticket prize alone. If Bangkok has Siam Ocean World and KL has Aquaria, HK had Ocean Park for the longest time.

There's the Shark Aquarium, Atoll Reef (deep sea aquarium), The Jellyfish Spectacular, Panda bears and many more. And lots of fun rides. And take the cable car that rides alond the hillside (left), giving you a spectacular view of the Aberdeen Bay.

We ended the day with a visit to Victoria Peak. Took the 45deg tram which makes you feel like all the buildings you see outside are slanted instead. I had wanted to be there before the sunset and stayed there till night so I can see views at both daylight & at night.

But it was 6pm when we left Ocean Park and made it to The Peak like than an hour later. Knowing that the sun set early in HK, well...
And it rained. We had wanted to catch the Symphony of Lights from The Peak but too bad..

And it was blardee cold...! The slight drizzle, the mist/fog, the cold winds.... But I like it! However, the view... Visibilty was like only 60-70%. Geez!

And there, we made it to Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum. All those bevy of (wax) stars on display.. *yikes!*I have to warn you that I did some insane poses and it might turn you off. Heh. Happy, mah!

Pics for Day 3 located HERE

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