Friday, December 14, 2012

Pizza Hut Dine-In

In all honesty, dining in at Pizza Hut is a very big deal to me because the last time I did just that was... hmm...was... Goodness, I seriously can't remember when!

And I'm not talking about those times when I ordered their pizza by the slice, gotten the spaghetti bolognaise with the twin drumlets or even the lasagna; which came in those foil containers and re-heated somewhere, prior to serving.

Those were the case during my days in SP (that's Singapore Polytechnic for you), when we had the Pizza Hut 'stall' at Foodcourt 5 (where the pool is) or even the one at Liat Towers, right before watching a movie.

Goodness! Those were the days....

We never really dined at Pizza Hut. Cause, when we say Pizza Hut, we immediately come to mind, their 6235-35-35 delivery hotline. Right.. right..? Don't LIE!

I think I recall sometime, EONS ago, like back in '97 or '98... I was in secondary school then and we had some enrichment classes during the school holidays. There was a long break between 2 classes so my clique and I decide to dine-in at Pizza Hut to enjoy their pizza BUFFET at student prices.

As it turn out, other cliques had the same idea and almost the WHOLE CLASS was there in Pizza Hut (Bedok branch). Imagine the chaos! It was not unlike the school canteen, seriously.

And that pizza buffet was DA BOMB! The pizza kinda' flew-off the pans whenever they were served. There were their usual selections, the dessert pizzas, bread stix.. Free-flow of soups and salads. Or was it only 1 round..? Something like that. Needless to say, the buffet idea soon became extinct. I think they made too much loss.

Never, ever underestimate the amount of pizza that students can eat....

ANYWAY... My cousins and I planned for a meet-up, somewhere central. The plan for dining at Marina Square was changed to Suntec City somehow (darn, the massive renovation works currently ongoing there sure cause pedestrians some inconvenient detours!). Cousin Tim suggested dining at Pizza Hut cause she wants pastas and pizzas.

I was like.. "Pizza Hut? Dining in..?" Then I recalled that they now have some Specialty Pastas and somehow, I'm drawn....

Some of my cousins arrived earlier and they've already ordered some drinks.

 Ice lemon Tea

 (L) Zesty Mint (R) Lychee Sparkle

Zesty Mint reminds me a lot like the virgin Mojito I got at F.I.S.H.

Soup of the day

Myself, meanwhile, chose to be practical; in my hungry state and opt for the add-on option where for a certain amount, I get a soup-of the day and soft drinks. 

And this was the soup of the day. Chicken soup. Not the cream of chicken. The clear kind. Like the one you get at hospitals (as a patient). 

You can't imagine the amount of pepper I dumped inside there, just for flavour. Eugh!


The next few pictures are orders made by my cousins...

Spicy Chicken Pomodoro

Soft-shell 'Crabbiatta'

Ok.. kinda' lame pun on the term 'Arrabiatta', the spicy tomato-based pasta sauce.

Soft-shell chilli crab baked rice

Seafood Fiesta baked rice

Parchment Pasta. Guess the flavour…?

Spicy Seafood pasta baked in parchment paper

This one is as spicy as mentioned in the menu. All thanks to those bits of bird's-eye chilli inside.

Chicken Spinach cannelloni

My order. Truth to be told, I was really enticed by many pastas in the menu. Especially those spicy ones.

However, my eyes lit up upon seeing this as I suddenly recalled that awesome Vegetable Cannelloni with Spinach & Ricotta Cheese I had at Springbrook Mountain Manor, Australia.

But this one turned out to be such a downer... The chicken had this 'gamey' taste and the supposed 'cannelloni' (they actually used a lasagna sheet and roll it up) wasn't fully stuffed. Love that Parmesan crisp garnish, though. The only flavourful thing in this bland dish.

Smokey Chicken Stuffed Crust Pizza

And of course, how can we forget Pizza Hut's specialty? Took us a looong time to decide on the topping. We just know that we want it to be 'stuffed crust'.

You want to know the irony...?

Dining in means we get to savour the pizza as it got served piping hot, straight out of the oven. But we were too busy with our own pastas and chatting away that the pizza had gotten cold by the time we ate it. Even the cheese stuffing has solidified!! Huhu...

I kinda prefer Domino's super-awesome 'Cheese Burst' pizza base... yummm!

Food may be a tad dismal. Maybe it's not our day. Maybe we're too distracted. At least the company had been good. Love u gals! Muuacks!

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