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Bandung eats - Kampung Daun Culture Gallery & Cafe Pt 1

On Day 4 of our Bandung trip, we took a trip up to Puncak, the mountain pass located between Jakarta and Bandung city.

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After Ciater, we head down for Cihideung, to Kampung Daun Culture Gallery & Cafe. It's supposed theme is simply (Sundanese) culture and nature. Another one located at Lembang is Kampung Sapu Lidi, where one can dine amongst the paddy fields (like in Bali).

Kampung Daun is located next to another famous 'themed' village, the relatively new Kampung Gajah. Here, there are many outdoor activity facilities for kids and adults alike. Not sure for much smaller kids, though.


We came right after it just rained so the air felt rather cool and 'fresh'. What with all the surrounding greenery. Kampung Daun is located within a small valley, that's why the lush vegetation is all around…

Checking out the cultural display

Walking past the cultural gallery

We came on weekday, a little after lunch hour so this place was quite empty.

You can see in the background on the left, is a large area with a more communal seating.

Very 'festive' feeling

Walking further into the grounds.

Lush greenery

Finally reached where the dining huts/bales are located.

Staff going about doing their jobs

All the staff members were dressed in traditional Sundanese garb. Different levels wore different types of clothes.

Individual hut/bale

Right opposite us was this stand-alone hut/bale which can only accommodate up to maybe 6 pax. Just too bad, cos' this hut is located right beside the stream that runs through one side of the grounds. There's also a slight waterfall behind it.

Imagine dining amongst such lush greenery, with the subtle sounds of running water in the background…

Oh, a unique system here. See that cylindrical bamboo percussion instrument hanging outside on the right? It's called a 'ketuk' You beat it to get the attention of the staff or call for service.

I find it pretty gimmicky. All the 'ketuks' sound the same. Unless there's a staff stationed near the huts, they wouldn't have known where the sound comes from! We tried and it took more than 10 mins before someone came. And that's because we literally ask them to come over!

Entering our hut

Off with the footwear, before entering!

We were motioned to a hut that can accomodate up to 15 pax. But it isn't standalone as it's a semi-detached 'unit'. Luckily, we don't really have any issues with regards to privacy.

The kids getting comfortable inside…

My niece was the first to 'try out' the low table inside our hut.

…Too comfortable

Soon, she was joined by my kiddo, much to her frustration.

Check that out…!

I don't blame them really. Because it started drizzling outside so everyone stayed in. And the hut/bale was really, really cozy. What with all those cushions…

I didn't hesistate to find myself a nice corner and lie down.

Nice blooms!

Saw this plant flowering all over the mountain terrains. It looks really gorgeous, esp. those plants where almost all the flowers bloomed together. I did some research: it's called 'Brugmansia'. Google it!

Was told this place can get really packed on weekends such that all huts/bales and even the 'warung' (more communal eating areas) seating will be occupied. This is because the Jakarta folks love to come up to this area to wind down from city life and rest, relax & dine.

Highly recommended to come here. Totally great place to chillax. Some people really slept in those huts after their meal!

And once again, this post has gotten to be a tad picture-heavy, so I'll continue with the food pics in another entry, ya?

Kampung Daun Culture Gallery & Cafe
Jl Sersan Bajuri Km 4,
7 No. 88, Cihideung,
Bandung, Indonesia

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