Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bandung - Roemah Emilie

I attribute my long absence to my being busy before my week-long break, when I, together with 12 other family members (hubby's side) scooted off to Bandung, Indonesia for a 6D5N trip.

A trip that end up with 3 of us having 'the runs' (that's a subtle way to say 'diarrhoea').

With such a big group, it's almost apt to stay in a holiday villa, where we get to enjoy large spaces all around and feel like some rich 'tai-tai' for once. I do admit that those stairs take some getting used to (yes, I abhor them)! And having young kids around, those same stairs are also a nightmare!

Bandung is known for it's cooler temperature, lush greenery, mountain views and shopping! There are numerous factory outlets selling branded stuff that had factories in Indonesia. Most of them are based in Bandung to create job opportunities for students in this university town. Their prices are very much marked-down and you'll just go crayyy-zeee!!

Thankfully, I'm not too big a fan of shopping, so my wallet and I are not too affected by it. Heh.

Our itinerary was as followed:
Day 1 - Arrival, chill and check out the mall- Paris Van Java (interesting name, I know)
Day 2 - Taman Safari Indonesia (located in Bogor, high up on the mountain)
Day 3 - Trans Studio (shopping mall & indoor amusement park)
Day 4 - Tangkuban Perahu (volcanic crater) & Ciater (hot springs)
Day 5 - R&R + shopping (I got stranded alone in the villa due to diarrhoea) 
Day 6 - Retun to SG

We stayed at Roemah Emilie. A 5-bedroom villa located on a hill in a posh neighbourhood, cosy with great views, nice facilities and within 15 mins drive to town. And best of all, I did not see a single gecko over there (I do hear them though..)! Hurhur…

The pool is large but it's also shared with another 6-bedroom holiday villa. Good thing though, the pool is closer to the villa we stayed in. 

That weekend, a large family drove up from Jakarta stayed in the other villa. On the weekend mornings, the pool is packed with Singaporean and Jakarta kids.

Here are some pics of the villa exteriors and the compound. This place is designed to max out the 'Rest & Relax' factor. Check out the various 'chillax' zones!

The swimming pool

Despite being located only on a hilly area instead of the mountains, the pool water is already pretty cold! Akin to swimming in refrigerated water!

So is the tap water! Imagine when we want to wash ourselves... Brrr.....!

View from the villa's entrance

That large pavilion is the background is very spacious and makes a great shelter whenever we have to wait for our transport to arrive.

Also a great setting for some relaxing tea-time zone.

Fish pond 1

Pool play

Some playing equipments for use by the kids.


This elevated pavilion enable great views to the scenic surroundings. It also comes equipped with a toilet! Most likely for use by the peeps swimming in the pool. Shower area included.

Pool-side seating

Owner's villa

Pool-side lounge chairs

The other villa

This 6-bedroom villa is also for rent. Popular with Jakarta folks who drove up to Bandung to wind down.

Other villa's compound

While our villa has a pool in our compound, the other villa has lots of open space and a children play-area. There's also a small water-feature with a waterfall & a fish pond in one corner and in another corner, a cage where they rear some large tortoises.

Chillax area

Located at one side of our villa, facing a man-made 'water fall' feature which leads to another koi pond.

Fish pond 2

Check out the small pavilion in the background, on the left.

Small pavilion

This elevated pavilion also has a door leading to the owner's villa.

Small pavilion

Looks a lot like someone's personal 'smoking' area.


Located on the 3rd level of the villa. Those are actually swivelling bamboo chairs. 

The view

View's of the surrounding lush greenery on the rolling hills and mountain range in the distance (on a clear day, that is).

Info on the villa can be obtained on their website. You can liaise directly with the agent managing the villa. It'll be more flexible, that way.

I actually still have backlog of foods taken before my trip. Perhaps I'll update those first ya, before I get to foods from Bandung...?

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