Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bandung eats - Warung Talaga Pt 1

Finally, I start on my Bandung food series.

I initially want to commemorate this set with a couple of plane food pics but I guess that would have been so unappetising (who likes airplane food, anyway...?).

I start off with the restaurant where we had our first meal (aside from those instant cup noodles we had at the villa, that is).

Took 3 cabs for the 13 of us, to brings us from Jln Cipaku Indah (located on hilly grounds) to one of the renowned malls in Bandung - Paris Van Java, more popularly known as 'PVJ' to the locals. I know what you're thinking… What a name, right? It's French + Dutch + Indo all in one!

Well, anyway… Once we're done window shopping, we got pretty famished. Since we just arrived in Bandung, we were more than eager to try out their local food. No fast foods whatsoever.

We even venture outside the premise (the 13 of us moving in a line on their narrow, scraggly paths), hoping to find restaurants located at the shophouses opposite. We saw only roadside 'warung' (stalls) which really wasn't advisable, what with these kids. So we resign ourselves to dine at PVJ's foodcourt instead.

What we didn't know was that their basement is actually much bigger than we expect and we actually didn't check out the other side. What with all the diversions caused by the ongoing renovation works to the exterior... So as we walked back in, myself being in front, simply got on the first escalator I saw.

And I actually end up in their 'food alley' of sorts! A section in the basement where the restaurants/cafes/eateries are located! Whoopee!!!

Since I reached there first, I made a quick recce-ing around and found around 3 restaurants serving local delicacies. My BiL eventually chose this one called, 'Warung Talaga' because of their rather quirky interior.

A restaurant that's located within a shopping mall, actually had their interior designed to look like a... WARUNG. Those supposedly shabby/makeshift roadside stalls/eateries. I guess they also serve foods normally found in such places.

How very apt for us, right...? Just what we want. Local foods with down-to-earth setting, YET with proper sanitation and hygiene. Perfect for worrisome tourists like us.

I'm not trying to appear 'snooty' here but we have kids with us and their digestive tract may not comprehend well, foods prepared in places with questionable sanitation & hygiene.

The exterior

The brightly-lit interior drew us to look in and be amused by their 'whimsical' setting.

The interior

Look at the servery counter. Painted wooden boards/planks. With overhead shelves displaying bric-à-brac, bits of items from here and there. Mostly what you can find at regular provision stores.

The exposed brick walls and the simple 'curtain' to partially cover up the servery opening from the kitchen. Even the chalkboard menu display add-on to this 'feel'.

The interior

Check out those colourful biscuit tins on the makeshift shelves! Akin to a 'warung' that also acts as a provision shop at the same time. Even those bottles of sauces, glass jars and tiffin carrier. Plus rows of seasoning sachets, snacks and candies hanging at some parts.

That colourful feather-dusters… And those advertising banners and flags...?? It's almost hilarious.

The interior

The plastic cutlery holders on the clunky, painted wooden tables. The plastic table sheets. The metal stools, too.

Packs of crackers in baskets (Javanese folks love to eat their food with crisps of any kind)...

Even drinking water inside those clay water containers/jugs (far right in the pic)...! And the small tv perched high on a shelf... for those patrons who literally spend their day in warungs…

The concept was replicated so thoroughly. I'm duly impressed!

The lighting

The pendant lighting was constructed of some makeshift bird cages. Very, very creative!

Our group dining

Hungry folks.

I have many more pics of the food so I guess I'll just upload those into another post, ya?

Part 2 coming right up...!

Warung Talaga
Paris Van Java,
Glamour level D-12A

They have other branches, too.
Check out their WEBSITE.

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