Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Goodbye Charcos (East-side)

A few hours back, my friend tweet-ed me (read from bottom):

She knew about Charcos through me so naturally, she expect me to know. The other friend lives nearby Marine Parade and was their regular customer. 

Myself meanwhile, had NO idea and simply told her that they did move; from Blk 89 to Blk 80 at Marine Parade, when she asked me, initially. 

My instincts though, told me to check their website and true enough, they've indeed moved. Much further away, too. Huhu...

They have moved to:
Blk 608 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5
(Mr Teh Tarik)

...From 7th December onwards.

To think that they start off in Ang Mo Kio, then open a branch in Marine Parade. Re-open again within Marine Parade and then close their Ang Mo Kio branch.

Now it's vice versa. Sigh.

Will I ever be willing to travel all the way there...? So here are pictures from what could be my last visit to them...

Salad Bar

My favourite item on their menu. Nothing gives me a high like variety does. Although that will only seek to make me more fickle, that's what makes it fun (albeit a tad frustrating).

Their 'salad' range from those with lotsa' veggies and greens to cold pastas. 

Beef ribs roast meal

My male colleague's order. All that meat... I can never have this for lunch!

I remember the time when they first introduced this. It was served only during the weekends. Now, it's even available on weekday lunch!

I loved those roasted potato wedges. Crispy on the outside, soft inside. Colleague only ate a bit of those so I was more than happy to help myself to them!

Fish & 3 salads meal

Another colleague's order. She was afraid that 3 salad would have been too much but from the looks of it, the portion appear just nice.

She chose (from top): Potato, Egg & Caesar salad.

Chicken fillet burger

I've always been curious about their burgers and I'm glad that I finally had a try (seeing that I might not be there anymore).

Always wanted to try their Schnitzel Burger because I like their chicken Schnitzel and having them between a couple of buns and some greens must have been nice.

However, they seem to be promoting their burgers and I mistakenly thought the chicken fillet burger to be the Schnitzel one, so I was a tad disappointed to see the small patty inside. No wonder it's pretty cheap!

Then again, it's lunch hour anyway so I guess the Schnitzel burger might have been too much. 

2 Mixed salad (regular)

Of course, I can never be here and not order their salads! I thought that Large portion ($8.80) that'll give me 3 different salads would have been too much so I settled for 2 varieties ($6.60) instead.

Naturally chose the ones with more greens/veggies. Caesar & Greek salad. The cold pasta options might have been too filling.

Gosh, looking at these pictures already made me miss their foods. Especially their lamb ribs! *sob*

If anything, you can head over to their website HERE for more info.

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