Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sakura Family Restaurant at Tampines

I stopped by my parent's place one evening after work and made an impromptu decision to dine out. 

Decided on this place because I want somewhere close to Pasir Ris. Besides, I've always been curious about the food here since they first opened (not too long ago?). The last few times I dined at a Sakura outlet was at the Capitol and East Point branches and they are now defunct. 

Because I came by my parent's place late, it was almost 9pm when we finally sat down at this restaurant…


That also explain why in almost all my pics, the food were already dug into or being dug into. Hungry, cannot wait!

Appetiser - Braised Peanuts & Tofu

Pretty excited to see this (of course they charge). Quite a change from the usual salted, crunchy nuts. Slightly briny and sweet. Makes for a fun belly-filler while waiting for our mains. 

Seafood & vegetable soup

Maybe because it's quite late, my dad insisted on something light. Soups preferable. Ordered a small portion for him. He even decline to have a bowl of rice or noodles to go with this. 

... Until my mum made him eat some of her beehoon, that is. Will get to that later.

Pineapple rice

I know my bro was hungry so I offered to share a plate of any speciality rice plus some dishes with him. We settled for the pineapple rice. 

I knew that he had not fully gotten over that tentalising-looking pineapple rice that the neighbouring table ordered that one time; at Magic Wok. He kept griping about it.

The eerie yellow tint aside, this pineapple rice was pretty nice, actually. Although we wish that they put some chicken floss at the surface, just like that one that we missed.

Sweet & sour seabass

I didn't hear what the server had said when when were making our order but I remember my mum agreeing to order the 'Sweet & sour fish' that she recommended.

When this came, I was taken aback to see that the fish was pretty small. Around 1/3 smaller than norm. Not that I mind. The regular size might be too big for us, anyway since only my bro & I had rice. I'm more than happy to pick at the really crispy edges. Plus, the sweet & sour sauce was well-executed.

Only when I checked the receipt after paying, do I realise that this fish cost me only $10!! Cheaper than the plate of vegetables, even! Turns out, my mum was aware of it, that's why she agreed to order. Ahh.. so there's a promo!

Cereal sotong

I always need a Cereal Seafood fix whenever I'm at a 'Zhi Char' place. We agreed that the 'sotong' (squid) version would have a been a 'less rich' version of the usual prawns.

The reddish sotong bits kinda' surprised me. Reminds me of those 'red yeast chicken', somehow. Maybe it was pre-made? Coated with batter and then deep-fried. But at least it wasn't tough or chewy. And the cereal bits were really delectable.

Tom Yam seafood w/ beehoon 

Save the best for last. Sorry if the image looked a tad unappetising because I remembered to snap a pic only after my mum have dug into it.

Why the best? Because that Tom Yam soup was just so awesome lah! Sour, fiery with fresh seafood. Just the right flavour. Nicely fragrant and I figured out why. There were pieces of  'bunga Siantan/Kecombrang' (ginger torch flower) inside. No wonder!

All of us can't help slurping from my mum's claypot. Not that she mind, since the portion was way too big for her, that's why she gave half the beehoon inside her claypot to my dad. He was pretty upset actually, that his supposedly 'no carbs' dinner was interfered. Haha.

All in all, we pretty much enjoy the food here. Total damage incurred, including a plate of Sambal Kangkong (water convolvulus) and drinks came to around $60++. Wouldn't mind coming back here since it's pretty close to both our homes and there's direct bus routes from both homes too (we parked at the MSCP next door).

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