Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mon An Halal Vietnamese Food

Eversince the coffee shop where Mon An Vietnamese Muslim Corner closed down and was converted into a halal Japanese restaurant, my colleagues and I were at loss as to where they've moved to.

Desperate, I actually made a little annoucement on this blog, asking about their new location and finally got an answer sometime last month. Excitedly informed my male colleague (yes, the somewhat 'designated' lunchtime chauffeur) and we finally find some time to check out the new stall.

This the my first sight of the new stall location…

New signboard

Delectable pictures on it, to give an idea what is being served, I presume?

Teh 'O' Ais Limau

With a new coffee shops comes a new drinks stall. Operated by the indian Muslim proprietor, I guess. The portions are bigger and has more varieties, as compared to the quaint drinks stall, previously. 

Pho bo

Oh, how I miss you so! Nothing tastes more authentic than this (Halal option, that is). Very generous with the beef slices and fresh basil leaves. A squeeze of lime, some chilli (or even fish sauce, if you prefer)... Awesome!

I gotta' say that their price have since increased. Maybe due to different rental costs and higher expenses for the products. A bowl of this is now $6.

Not that I mind. Just as long as the  food preparation is consistent. 

Goi Cuon & Cha Gio

Can't come here without ordering these!

The 'Cha Gio' (the fried spring roll) is usually available but the 'Gui Cuon' (summer roll) needs to be freshly prepared so it's hardly available during the busy lunch hour.

My luck was in that day, when I meekly asked about their availabilty but the proprietor said it's not available. The lady boss however, interrupted and said that she don't mind preparing it.

Happy much!!!

Goi Cuon

When I collect the spring rolls (self-service), my colleague hurriedly picked one and almost took a bite when he realised that the texture of the spring roll skin felt somewhat weird.

Luckily, he took a second look and realised that they now use a plastic sheet to wrap the roll, for hygiene purposes.

Imagine if he bite on that!

Another shot!

In the condiment saucer, the sauce on the left (sweet, slightly sour wth bits of chilli) is for the Cha Gio while the one on the right (sweet bean sauce with crushed peanuts) is for the Goi Cuon dip.

You can check their info and menu (plus pics!) HERE at their FB page.

Mon An Halal Vietnamese Food
459 Changi Road
Kassim Restaurant

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