Monday, October 08, 2012

My 30th Birthday

I had a fantastic time on my 30th birthday and I have the kiddo to thank.

Started the day early, prepping the kiddo for school. He must have sensed that I won't be working that day. I can sense his reluctance. I gave up on wanting to send him and leave it to my helper, for my presence may only make him even more upset.

I don't know why I was kinda sluggish that day and I kept looking at the clock while chiding myself for being so darn slow. I was secretly hoping to make it to CBTL before 11am, for their breakfast.

I was so slow that my helper even manage to come back from the market before I can leave and I was made to eat the breakfast that she's bought.. erk??


I finally made my way down to Coffee Bean Tea Leaf at EHub!, some 5mins walk away from home. Turns out, the breakfast was an 'all-day' affair! Geez, so much for worrying that I'll miss it! Gotta blame McD for making me think that all breakfast ends at 11am. Pfft!

I was enticed by the other items on their menus, especially the: 

- SalmonN' Egg muffin ~ salmon and egg? WIN!
- Food for Thought ~ bread soldiers dipped in.. RUNNY EGGS!!
- Brek 'O' Day  ~ complete breakfast set
- Egg Club Sandwich ~  do seem to be calling me too...

But I eventually settled for the Eggs Ben(edict). For nostalgia's sake. Won't elaborate it here but it date back more than 10 years back.. Sigh. 

I AM old, am I not?

Birthday Breakfast

Sunny-side-up egg & chicken ham on a piece of muffin and covered with hollandaise sauce. Served with salad on the side (totally digg those dried cranberries!).

Even from the pic, you can see that some not-so-skillful hands had somewhat 'cooked' the egg yolks in the hollandaise sauce. It looked really curdled. Drats.

But I was determined to have a great day, nevermind the poorly-made sauce, which thankfully  still taste good and most importantly, the egg below was still deliciously runny. Mmmmm!

I soon learnt to filter out the noise from the table of boisterous teachers nearby (what irony, I know) and the neighbouring table made of chatty Koreans. I chose to have a warm double chocolate muffin for a sweet round-up to my meal (I wouldn't recommend it, though). The coffee was a tad mediocre (no surprise) but the size appealed to me. Nothing like a good dose of caffeine to perk me up.

Went off for a lil' shopping before picking my son up from school at 1pm and then head off to collect our passports. After which, I brought him to my most favourite area - the Singapore waterfront. 

When I stepped out of the Esplanade building after cutting through the basement all the way from City Hall MRT station, I was greeted with this sight.

Gorgeous sky 1

I was so blown away by the sight of the bluer-than-usual sky; adorned with clumps of my favourite cirrocumulus clouds.

Gorgeous sky 2

Simply breath-taking...

I realise that I was feeling like some SAHM, walking around with my kiddo on a weekday. Or some adventurous tourist venturing around with her toddler in a foreign land. 

I chose the latter option. At the rate that I was in such awe of the views around me, I feel like a tourist already. :P

Enjoying some chocolate ice-cream

Anyway, after I manage to prise him away from the fountain, I decide that some ice-cream will be nice on this weather. 

I scanned the various snack kiosks along the waterfront and spotted one that sells ice-cream. No need for B&Js or Haagen Dazs. Some good ol' 'potong' (cut) ice-cream will do. Instead of having it sandwiched between 2 wafers as per my usual preference, I chose to have it in a cup for minimal mess for my kiddo. 

I only got 2 scoops or so, as my kiddo hogged the rest of the ice-cream. :P

We sought shelter at the outdoor amphitheatre and watched the Chinese orchestra doing their sound checks. After we were well-rested, I head off towards the Merlion.

From the Esplanade waterfront

From the Esplanade waterfront

From the Esplanade bridge

I was really hoping for a Starbucks in the area because I was totally craving for that new Salted Caramel drink. I LOVE anything with Salted Caramel, so you can understand why I HAD to try this drink. 

However I only spot a CBTL (again?) at One Fullerton. I was disappointed but I guess it was better than nothing. Besides, the weather was a tad warm so some Ultimate Ice-Blended would be nice. But I can't find a ramp for me to push my kiddo's stroller down from the bridge so I moved on, looking for one.

Further down, at the loading bay, I decide to turn in and walk back towards CBTL from there. With a stroke of luck, to my much awesome surprise- there's a Starbucks in the corner! Hoooo Yeah!

Birthday drink

I was taken aback to see that the Salted Caramel was a Mocha drink and not regular espresso. Oh heck, got it anyway. I asked if they serve the 'cold' version (the posters were all showing a pic of the hot cuppa') and the amused barista told me I can have the Frappe or Latte version. 

I chose the former. Venti size, no less. Good thing also. Cos' my kiddo insisted that I share with him! Plus the drink taste soo good, a smaller size wouldn't suffice!

Clifford Pier

So we hung around Clifford Pier, beside the famed One On The Bund restaurant for a bit before I decide to head back towards The Esplanade and get a cab from there.

However, my kiddo kicked a fuss and insist that I walk the OTHER way, past the Fullerton Bay Hotel. I thought it was just him being cranky because I had prised him away from the fountain (again) but he refused to budge and even ran in that direction, stopped and pointed the other way.

He was being REALLY weird but I decide to relent and head that way, walking past the uber-grand lobby of the Fullerton Bay Hotel. I was still apprehensive as what to expect since I NEVER went in that direction before. Okay, maybe I did sometime back but not in recent times.

Clifford Pier Revolving Restaurant

Near Fullerton Bay Hotel

THIS VIEW totally blew me away!

Suddenly felt like I had been transported back to Hong Kong and I was in the middle of Causeway Bay or something. There was this surreal feeling like I WASN'T in Singapore (talk about feeling like a tourist). 

This was a part of Singapore that I had never seen before. I might have been here perhaps but I've never seen this sight!

I was in awe. TOTALLY. 

Approaching Customs House

I can't stop snapping pics.

If I'm not wrong, that's the old Johnston's Pier. My dad told me that the Javanese community during the earlier days had called this area, "John-sen." I've always wondered why and read that it was actually "Johnston's". It's typical of the Javanese folks to mispronounce English names...

I told my mum this and even showed her the Wikipedia page. She was so amused. LOL.

After Customs House

Shriek. Giggle. *snap!* 
(that was me being excited/exhilarated)

And as I passed the Customs house and turned left.... I was sooo exhilarated by what I saw that I almost cried. Really, really blissful.

I looked at my son, squatted down to his eye-level and asked him, "How do you even know of this place??"

He was nonchalant. If he had been so insistent, headstrong and determined just now, he showed no signs of those at that moment. My child, just WHAT do you KNOW (that I don't)??

Then, he finally spoke up. "Milk-milk."

I was dumbstruck before breaking into laughter. He really couldn't care less about this place that he had insisted on going to! Made his milk, lowered his seat as he had requested and before long, he fell asleep. What with the sun setting and the nice breeze, it's no surprise that he was so relaxed.

I told myself, this must have been my kiddo's birthday present for me. This wonderful sight. Experience. Overwhelming joy… It's his gift. 

Cos' seriously, the weather was superb. It was warm yet really breezy. The blue sky with wispy clouds was gorgeous. The open space. The relaxed crowd. And the view. My gosh. THE VIEW.

Check out this 360 deg shot.

Panoramic view

I checked the StreetDirectory app and figured out that I was at the Marina Bay Promontory. Ahhh... I've always heard of this place but never been here. 

Marina Bay Promontory 1

Marina Bay Promontory 2

Where I had been just hours ago, at a distance. WOW!

Marina Bay Promontory 3

This was the part approaching Marina Bay Sands, at the lower boardwalk area. 

At this point, I realised that I had walked really far but I wasn't the least bit tired. 

Marina Bay Sands Shoppes

Finally went indoors and came upon a part of MBS that I haven't ventured to. Been here twice but didn't know why I kept missing the place.

Eventually took a cab at the Casino area. Thankfully they have a staff manning the taxi queue so I had some help with the stroller and bags while I carried my sleeping child. 

Can't help smiling on the ride back home...

Birthday cake

At home that evening - this was supposed to be a surprise. SUPPOSED to be.

The kids however, got too excited and started whispering to one another, "There's a cake in the fridge!"


So I 'kindly' went in to wash up (much earlier than usual) while they got the cake ready (as expected). :P

I asked my hubby, if he had bought the cake prior to coming home. He mentioned that he had asked my helper to buy and she went together with his grandma. 

So I went over to thank them. NO WONDER they wished me "Happy Birthday" when I reached home.... I didn't tell anyone, actually. Although they were curious to see me on leave, they had assumed that it's because I've gotta' collect the passports that day.

Oh, there's also another cake. DURIAN cake! Apparently, hubby's grandma wasn't too into chocolate cakes so she bought an alternative. Sorry no pic. Hands were soiled from all that chocolatey fudge & cream.. Yums.

An awesome 30th, I had. God bless my family! Alhamdulillah.

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