Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Homestyle Korean BBQ

BBQ Steamboat!

Festive celebrations like Eid are usually spent visiting our elders as a form of respect. However, my dad's side of the family no longer has any elders so we sometimes gave his side a miss, unless an occasion called for our presence.

On Eid'ul Adha or Hari Raya Haji, my aunt called us down so we end up being the earliest; when we arrived that afternoon.

I saw the electrical BBQ appliance near the entrance, looking like it's ready for some good grilling. And true enough, my aunt had actually planned a BBQ steamboat party, on that day!

Being the first batch to arrive, we had the honour of starting the grill and enjoy the items soon after they're prepared. Whee…!!

Food items range from:


Lovin' my greens! That 'Enoki'/golden needle mushroom is a hit with the steamboat!


Fresh prawns and squids.

Meats part 1

Chicken 'cocktail', mini cheese sausages, 'surimi' (crab) sticks, blocks of 'seafood tofu' and fishballs,

Plus 'shabu-shabu' beef slices! Sooo looking forward to that! The way to have it is to simply hold it in the boiling soup and sway it back and forth 3-4 times and it's done. Any longer, the thin beef slices will lose its flavour and become tough/chewy.

Meats part 2

In the ziploc bags and on the grill were pieces of marinated Szechuan/Kung Pao chicken and black pepper beef. Love those 'tau pok' floating around in the Tom Yam soup!

Reminiscent of Seoul Garden & Han River, huh?

Cute thing was that my cousin TimZahrah said that she prepared Szechuan AND Kung Pao chicken. Turns out she used powdered seasoning for one type and sauce seasoning for another. That's why she never thought them to be the same flavour. She did wonder why they're of the same colour, though. Hee...

Fire up the grill!

Cousin Tim took on the role behind the grill.

Manning the food

My dad must have been either really excited / hungry / plain irritating when he he stood beside his niece all the way and snapped up the food as soon as they're cooked. High chance it's the 3rd one. Plus, he kept nudging her out of the way..!

They were squabbling throughout! LOL.

Pot Kettle of tea

Wash all that food down with this hot tea dispensed from the heeee-yuge kettle. You can compare the size with that of the canned drink. Sooo heavy that it's almost impossible to even tip the spout into our cups!

Cooked food

Guess I'm the silly one who puts the grilled food in the bowl and food cooked in the steamboat on the plate...

Didn't even realise this error until someone pointed it out to me. No wonder I'm at loss as to where to put the soup! pfft!

Very interesting concept for a family gathering/party. Published a pic of the food and thanking my aunt on Instagram 

…only to have her son, who's currently studying in Madiah (Saudi Arabia) retort back:


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