Friday, October 19, 2012

Birthday Meal at Tang Tea House

The weekend after my birthday, I met up with my own family and we dined at my favourite eatery. 

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Teh tarik

Feeling thirsty, I opted for the 'Teh Gajah'… 'Teh' = milk tea and 'gajah' = elephant (referring to size of glass).

They serve us a whole pint each! Best thing is, all 5 of us opt for this 'gajah' portion, making us look like gluttons.  Erk…! 

Sure is generous with their portions, here.

Salted fish fried rice 

My mum felt like having fried rice (strange, she's always had a small appetite). She was very happy with this one. Visible (and tasty) bits of salted fish.

Both my mum and MiL are fans of salted fish. Hmm…

From Botak's Favourites - Mushroom soup

Just too bad the Botak's Favourites here don't partake in any Singapore-wide promotions because their accounts are tied-up with Tang Tea House (or something like that). So while this soup would have been free with a main course at other branches, here it's just cheaper. 

My dad's option. He pretty much enjoyed the chunky mushroom bits.

From Botak's Favourites - THE Fish Burger

That 'THE' is really part of the name. And I can see why.

TWO pieces of crispy fish fillets in between those buns. Definitely American-sized. With a side of Cajun fries & coleslaw (my dad's choice).

And yeah, my dad had to give away one piece to my bro.

From Botak's Favourites - Rib-eye steak

My order. Felt like I've not had steak for sometime so I decide to gun for this. Rib-eye steak with a side of baked cheese potato & garden salad. 

Opt for medium-done. And I got medium-rare. Ok, I really don't mind medium-rare. After all, it's supposedly the best option of doneness to really savour a piece of steak. Provided it's fresh steak, la. Not that their steak ain't good but I would rather have something medium-rare from Eatzi Steakhouse, for example. 

Usually, the staff serving the steak will ask us to cut the steak to check if the doneness is to our liking but that didn't happen. I would have asked for more time on the grill. 

From Botak's Favourites - Stuffed jalapenos

Never missed ordering this whenever we're here. Seeing this make me realize that we forgot to order another favourite- the 'Whoopass' cheese fries!

Anyway, these pickled Jalapeño that's been stuffed with cheese and then deep-fried? Awesome as always. Totally enjoy getting a kick out of the spicy peppers. And how the creamy cheese help neutralize the heat as we get to it. And the crispy crust is just so 'syiok'!

 Dim sum - Xiolong Bao

One of my favourite dimsum item. I usually let this one 'sit' for a while more. In my opinion, the dumpling skin will be less soft when slightly cooled, therefore less chances of tearing it when we pick it up.

Secondly, the soup inside tend to be really hot when served (straight outta' steamer). I learn my lesson the hard/painful way once. Cooling it down a bit makes for a more enjoyable experience, sucking the soup when we pierce a bit of the skin on top. Yum!!

Dim sum - Har Gao

Another one of our favorites. Generous prawn fillings!

Dim sum - spicy steamed chicken feet

My parent's order, as always. They find the spiciness heat level to be more tolerable here than at the other place.

I forgot to place an order for this, initially. But this arrived anyway. Guess my parents don't miss a beat in ordering this. 

Maybe we should go to the OTHER tea house across the road and try their version of this and compare.

Dim sum - Fried prawn dumplings

The server forgot to key in the order for this initially and she hurriedly brought it out when I enquire. Thought that we might be too full for this but the pieces appear to be a lil' on the small side so we easily wolfed this down. 

Very inconsistent sizing, I may say. But the plump dumplings are tighly filled with chunks of prawns. Sooo syiok!

Oh, we also ordered some Siew Mai, which is my bro's favourite. He and my hubby wolfed them down before I can even snap some pics. Must be the chicken meat filling…


So there's another rojak stall here. Can't resist ordering a plate of our favourite stuffed 'tau pok' (dried tofu puffs) and 'yutiao' (crisp Chinese crullers).

My mum totally digg the thick sauce that's made up of 'hae ko/petis udang' (shrimp paste), palm sugar, chilli and peanuts. I find the that previous stall that used to be here, served a better version but this one wasn't too bad. 

The 'tau pok' and 'yutiao' were grilled till crisp before being served. Awesome stuff! 

And there's my birthday meal. Simple, yet warm with the company of my own family. Nothing fancy but filled with things that I really like and enjoy. Just like how I want my life to be. Fulfilling. :)))

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