Monday, May 14, 2012

The Waffle Factory

Wall of waffles…

…Makes you want to just point at the pictures and order your choice of waffles from there…

(pic courtesy of my colleague, Roza)

Root beer float
(pic courtesy of my colleague, Sri)

My 2 colleagues can't resist ordering this. What's cute is that they came in this plastic mug that's somewhat 'insulated' with a cavity layer that has bit of water swirling around.

Reminds me a lot like what I'll find during my childhood years.

Cookie milkshake

I don't know when I got hooked on this, 'cookies-dunked-in-milk' thingy but I find it comforting to be able to indulge in some Oreos with ice-cold milk. Even better is to pour mini Oreos into the milk and scoop them up.

Yum. Just like this milkshake.

HK style soup noodles with sausage and egg
(pic courtesy of my colleague, Roza)

Vegetarian mushroom soup noodles
(pic courtesy of my colleague, Sri)

All my 3 colleagues were enticed by the pictures of their HK style soup noodles in the poster at the entrance.

As it turn out, it's very much much like ramen… the instant kind.

I remember Streats HK Cafe has this dish called 'Nissin Noodles' on their menu. No points for guessing what 'Nissin' refers to... It's the norm in HK-style cafes, I guess.

Tom Yum pasta

I was having some serious pasta craving that week and settled for this one.

Not bad, actually. Light, flavourful and the portion is just right. Just don't expect al dente pasta whatsoever…

Not too bad an experience actually. Don't mind sampling some other stuff on their menu.

Well, yes. That's all we had from there. I know, it's such an irony, right? We stepped into a place called, 'The Waffle Factory'- with various types of waffles on display up front, large pictures of waffles on the wall and many varieties of waffles on the menu; yet we didn't even buy any.

Well, we have a good reason for that.

It's because our favourite waffle shop is just a few doors away and we're certain that those waffles are wayy better that the ones sold here!

Smoothy De Cafe


Confirm… Double confirm!

The Waffle Factory
10 Jalan Eunos Road, 
#B1-03 Singapore Post Centre Shopping Mall, 
Singapore 914001

Smoothy De Cafe
10 Jalan Eunos Road, 
#B1-06 Singapore Post Centre Shopping Mall, 
Singapore 914001

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