Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Charco's new location at Marine Parade

The new location

Fetched hubby from work and to fill the time till' we fetch my bro, I suggested dinner. As always, the decision to choose the location fell on my shoulders.

I recalled the conversation I had with my mum, earlier in the day. She had read about Charco's move in the papers, the day before. Apparently, the move had brought on positive changes.

Phew! Guess they won't close anytime soon.

Having recalled that, I know I just gotta' go there. My hungry hubby loves lamb and will surely enjoy their ribs (not that he haven't had them before).

From far, we can already see the neon-lit signage with a huge arrow, pointing towards the new location. Interesting...

The coffee shop was bustling, with other customers watching live premier league matches and also Charco's customers. There were a good mix of various races enjoying their food. And I can see their chicken and ribs running out fast.

3 Mixed Salad (Large) - $8.80

My parents and I were still stuffed from our dinner, back at home so we shared a large plate of 3 different salad amongst ourselves.

It was a lil' past 9pm and most of the salads had run out.

Got my faves: Caesar & Greek salads. Wanna get the Tuna (with fusili pasta) but my Daddy hates tuna so I got the Chicken Avocado (with farfalle) instead.

Lamb ribs roast meal - $15

Meanwhile, my hungry hubby ordered the all-time favourite - rack of lamb. With roasted potatoes and peas.

Awesome, as always.

Blk 80 Marine Parade Central
Singapore 440080
Tel: 6455 3711

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