Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Razack's Seafood Kitchen

My daddy need to buy a certain something that can only be found at an Indian grocery store and he mentioned, "Still Road".

The mind that belong to this very hungry self, immediately flew to an eatery located there; somewhere that we have not patronised for a long time.

One thing I overlooked about this place was the parallel parking lots and just how long I have not dined here, that's how long I've never parallel-parked. Doesn't help that it's a 1 lane road. Sorry ladies, to have been a contributor to the, "Women drivers… tsk! " kinda' stereotype. Even the foreign workers hanging out near the lot I'm parking at became voluntary traffic controllers as I parked. *embarrassed much*

Pre-marriage days, my family and I used to be pretty regulars here, until my bro had his off days changed to be on every Tuesdays. Thing is, Razack's Kitchen closed on every Tuesdays. We stopped dining there since.

We came right before the crowd started to pick up on that rainy evening. I observed that the Chinese customers dined there early, while the Malay ones came in much later.

The proprietor, Mr Razack himself came over to take our orders. Very jolly fella who pulled a chair over to sit with us as he wrote down (in detail) our orders. He never really lost his HK accent which reminds me a lot like the late Lydia Sum in her English sitcom.

Oh, yeah, I found my previous entry on this place HERE.

Beef Chee Cheong Fun

My mum insisted that she didn't want anything heavy so she settled for a plate of plain 'chee cheong fun' (steamed rice rolls). Mr Razack apologetically told us that they've ran out of those.

As my mum was scanning for something else to eat, he suddenly brightened up and said that he saw his wife preparing this in the kitchen 'just now', but the one with beef inside. My mum was reluctant to accept this version (thinks that beef would have made this a heavy meal).

When this was served, we were disappointed to see that the Cantonese version was the one drizzled with simply light soya sauce and the chilli paste that came separately was heavily infused with dried shrimp flavour. Very unlike the more localised version that we're used to; with a more diluted form of chili sauce & sweet bean sauce.

HOWEVER, we had no regrets immediately after having a go at this. The beef filling inside made the whole dish awesome! It was slightly sweet yet very savoury. Very nice! Wished I had ordered this for myself while my mum happily wolfed this down.

Fried Shanghai dumplings

These pot-stickers reminds me a lot like Xiaolong Bao, save that this is the fried version. Comes piping hot, the meat filling was really savoury & tasty.

Wished they didn't skimp too much on the julienned ginger in the black vinegar. My dad and were were almost fighting for those!

Szechuan hot & sour soup

The last time I had this was the last time I dined here so I've almost forgotten how it's like.

ALMOST was the word because I can still remember that there should be egg in this soup! The soup was pleasant enough sans egg but I believe the broken egg mixture could have brought the flavours to another level.

Nevertheless, this is an awesome soup to have on a rainy day. Believe me.

HK fried noodles w/ sliced fish

My dad's order. Appear to me like Wantan noodles with 'Hor Fun' sauce, eh?

Noodles were springy and chewy. Gravy appeared bland but it's full of flavour. Very nice.

There was also the Fried Rice w/ sliced fish served to me and the Sweet & Sour Fish w/ fried rice. But I was busy feeding my hungry kiddo' by then and chasing after him after he's had enough (the eatery faces a very busy main road *horrors!*).

Truth to be told, it wasn't exactly a pleasant experience. Especially when I have been raving so much about them to my hubby and yet they fell short. But I have much faith in their food and they are as original as Halal Chinese food can get…

Ordered these:
Beef Chee Cheong Fun       (served)
Fried Shanhai Dumplings     (served)
Siew Mai                            (missing)
Fried rice w/ chicken           (missing) 
HK noodles with fried fish    (served)
Sweet sour fish w/ fried rice  (served)

I can see how Mr Razack painstakingly wrote in detail, each and every order; even stopping me when I spoke too fast and yet the following still managed to happen…

We were served a plate of fried rice w/ fish slices, early into the meal. I thought that they have mistaken my order of sweet & sour fish w/ fried rice and served me this instead. My hungry son was already digging in so I just let it be. In fact, the mild seafood flavour of the fried rice and the tender fish slices was very apt for my son. He loved it!

And then, they served my actual order of sweet sour fish w/ fried rice. O__o

Okay, so maybe I have wrongly eaten my hubby's order of fried rice w/ chicken (they mistook the chicken and serve fish instead). So I ask my hubby to eat my order.

AND THEN… they served my hubby's order of fried rice w/ chicken.


Okayyy.... So that fried rice w/ sliched fish... Whose order was that??! Ooops..!

And the 'siew mai' remained missing till the end of our meal. I brought up that matter(s) to the proprietor's daughter prior to making payment and she was so apologetic about it that I softened up. And they 'da-bao' the 'siew mai' for us instead.

After giving her dad a good talking to, she told me that she'll waive off the cost for the fried rice w/ chicken (which we asked to doggy bag instead). I don't really ask for that but since she offered, I gladly accept. :)))

With Tang Tea House & also Enak Tea House, we have more options for Halal Hong Kong food but I seriously don't wanna lose faith in this quaint mom & pop place.

Must have caught them on a bad day. This sure warrant another visit!

PS: Right across this eatery is Kampong Chai Chee Restaurant. I miss that place but too bad, they've never been the same since their heydays at Tampines Telepark…

Razack's Seafood Kitchen
(Cantonese & Sichuan Style Halal Cuisine Since 1995)
324F Changi Road
Singapore 419799


Anonymous said...

Such a fun read! :)
I've always enjoyed reading your thoughts, dear friend ~ and it's especially wonderful along with your absolutely refreshing food photography!
Shall always be a fan of your words, sweet gal'ee♥

Love, as always! :)

bayya said...

Hi there dearie!

Didn't think that you still come by here for a read. Thank you for those uplifting comments. *blush*

My casual style of writing is really nothing as compared to yours, seriously.

Anyway, lets keep on inspiring each other!