Monday, December 12, 2011

Bali Safari & Marine Park

The safari experience

Staff in a ranger garb, driving us in an open jeep.


The bird. Not the country.

One of those that I mentioned previously. The one that roamed the lawns around our 'huts'.

Tram ride

At the rate that it's enclosed and air-conditioned; it's better off being called a 'bus'. Took the guided tour around the grounds of the safari.

...Also a safe way to meet & greet them tigers and lions.

Orang Utan

The animal that shares 96% of our genetic makeup. That's how SIMILAR we are.


Very entertaining creature. A soon as we pass, it started to swing on the rope and tried its best to impress.

Sun bear

Or is it Asian bear? I know one of them is also known as the 'honey-bear' because of it's affinity for that liquid gold.

And no, it's doesn't look at all like 'Pooh'.


Rawr! Malayan tigers, I think.


Ok, did I get that spelling right...? Are there supposed to be 3 or 4 'p'?


The tram has to enter a enclosure with automatic gates for this. Opened as we enter and closed behind us as we leave. I guess they're still much feared.

Unlike the tiger's den, which only has a moat around it.

African Red buffaloes??



Despite those spikes, I think that they're still pretty cute.

Then again, I might have mistaken them for hedgehogs...

Komodo Dragon

The largest living species of lizard. And boy, it's huge!


Loves to nestle itself between the leaves and branches. A more common term will be 'draping' itself on the branch of a tree. Seeing how the body goes all limp as it hangs itself like an exotic rag.


We caught them in a pretty odd position. A school of them, all awkwardly still and facing one direction, as if praying.

I won't fault you if you think that they've been frozen in the tank.

We missed out on their feeding display. Would love to see for myself, how they actually eat (pretty ferocious, I heard).

Location of the Bengal Tiger enclosure

Pretty grand, huh? Suited for a maharaja. Very apt for this majestic animal!

White Bengal Tiger

His Royal Highness was having his bath when I duly came by to visit.

My apologies, your majesty.

White Bengal Tiger

In all his regal glory.

Since this is my favourite animal amongst all, it deserve to have 2 pics posted. :)))

Camel ride

My 2 year-old boy surprised me when he ran to the camels, expecting a ride. I had a feeling he remembered the camels that he saw at Paradise Country in Brisbane.

And a ride, he got. Thanks to his uncle who accompanied him.

Elephant show

Elephant show

Caught the elephant show on the 1st day. Reminds me a lot like the sketches we had back in school, what with the safari staff play-acting and all... And those elephants sure can act as well!

The sketch was to highlight and promote the conservation of elephant habitats. Also to show the misconceptions mostly associated with wild elephants. Very interesting.

Animal show

Caught this the next morning. Only held once a day. Another educational shows showcasing animals, from the small domestic one to the medium-sized range.

Bali Agung

That statue is not just ANY elephant. That was supposed to be Lord Ganesha, the Hindu deity related to success. And given the massive size, that's actually the tallest statue of Ganesha in Bali.

That's a big deal in this majority-Hindu land.

And that cavernous compartment also acts as the entrance to the massive theatre for the Bali Agung show. My BiL had really wanted to catch the show, which showcases a grand cultural performance featuring 180 dancers & performers. Pretty similar to much hyped 'Fantasea' in Phuket.

The theater is located right smack within the grounds of Bali Safari and since we stayed there, we're entitled to a discount on the tickets.

However, I stood my ground and think of the reality. We have 4 children; 2 of whom were not interested and the even smaller 2 who don't give a damn at all. Tickets aren't cheap and I don't wan't to risk having them creating a ruckus during the show because it's over 2 hrs long. We all know how toddlers are, with regards to their attention span.

So we gave that show a miss, checked-out on time and head for Klungkung, Kintamani & Ubud instead.

Next up: Bali food entries - finally!

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