Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bali ~ Mara River Safari Lodge

We spent our 3rd night in Bali, at Mara River Safari Lodge that's located within the grounds of Bali Safari & Marine Park at Gianyar.

The selling point of the lodging here is to be as close as possible to the animals and some of the (elevated) rooms are indeed within 10 meters or so away from the open animal grounds.

Our Tembo family room, however, given the possibility of having young kids, were some distance away and the animals that come closest to us are some turkeys and peacocks that roam the lawns. :P

The Tembo family suite has 3 bedrooms with individual bathrooms, living & dining area and a balcony (for the smoker dads).

Reception hall

We first arrive at the Safari's main entrance (very much like the Singapore Zoo) and were then transferred to this reception area (some 5 mins drive in).

From the pictures, you can also see just how much they attempt to bring in a bit of Africa into Bali…

Welcome drink

The welcome drinks were orange and guava juices (ok, more like cordial), inside these cute coconut-shaped canisters.

The weather had been relentlessly hot that day so these ice-cold drinks plus the very cold towels provided a very much-welcomed relief.

Teavo Lion Restaurant

The one and only restaurant here. There are other small cafes/eateries in the safari ground, though.

Outside Tembo Family Suite

The family suites are located at the far end, most likely for safety reasons. Well, given the fact that the regular rooms were at such close proximity with the (rather tame) animals, one can't be too sure how kids will react.

Free fruits

My mum-in-law gleefully helped herself to this.

Mandarin oranges, tangerines, markisa (passion fruit), salak (snake-skin fruit), local grapes, apples & bananas.

Refreshments Area

Bottles of drinking water (tap water in Bali is NOT safe for consumption), sachets of green tea & coffee. A kettle and even a french press. Cup noodles and stuff in the fridge aren't free, though.

Oh, there's also a small basket of carrots to feed the animals with but we didn't really come close enough to be able to feed them, though.

In 1 of the rooms…

A 4-poster king-sized bed with mosquito net.

In another room…

For my MiL & the 2 girls. The extra bed is by request.

My room…

A normal bed. I love king-sized beds that comes by default. Just nice for my family.

Study area

Very brightly lit room.

Bathroom - shower

No tub but that doesn't matter.

Bathroom - vanity

Ample conveniences like toothbrush & paste, shaving kit, comb, sewing kit, cotton buds, shower cap etc.

View out from balcony

The common pool is calling out to us! We roamed around the safari before splashing in late in the afternoon, when it ain't so hot.

The infinity pool

Hang around the edge of the infinity pool and watch the grassland animals like rhinos, zebras etc grazing on the grounds beyond.

Will update on the Bali Safari & Marine Park, next.

Meanwhile, here's their WEBSITE.

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