Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bali Safari & Marine Park - Fun Zone

Oopsie-daisy. How can I even even miss this out?

After seeing pictures of this place on the directory, I got soo excited that I wore the fully-covered swimwear during my 1st day plying around the safari. It was in anticipation of this water park that seemed like such a great idea, during that scorching hot day.

Well, the 1st day come and go, yet we did not even encounter the water park. Dejected, I brought my son for a swim in the common pool instead. :(

On to the 2nd day. We actually ventured to the other unexplored areas in the park. By then, we have all forgotten about it.

In the very last lap of our adventure in the safari, some 15mins or so before our transportation arrive to bring us back to Canggu, we came to an obscure corner in the park called, "Fun Zone".

We walked in further and saw THIS:


Why didn't we discover this much earlier? Especially the day before??!

The two days there had been especially hot so can you imagine how great it could have been, splashing around here! Imagine the fun the kids (ok, and adults) could have had??

Needless to say, I left the place totally miffed. :-/

PS: I eventually went to their website and checked out the interactive map. That place seemed to have even more fun activities going on during their heydays.

Now, it come off as more… muted. That Fun Zone definitely had seen better days…

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