Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bali eats ~ Fast Food

When in doubt about what food will be suitable for Halal consumption when in Bali, you can always turn to fast food as a safe choice. Brands like McD, KFC, Pizza Hut & A&W are generally Halal-certified (certificate on display).


We ate at A&W for 2 days straight. That 1st night, we dined at the branch inside Discovery Shopping Mall (Centro) in Kuta.

It was a 'proper' restaurant with a large premise and the food were served with proper cutlery. Most importantly, the much adored Root Beer Float came served in their trademark large, chilled glass mugs.

For lunch the day after, we went to the branch at Matahari Mall. It's was at a corner and space was a lil' tight. Food came served in paper containers, like your regular fast-food outlet.

Why A&W, you ask? Heck, I don't know myself. Maybe because we don't have it here so I guess we kinda miss eating there??


Rice seem to be a must in every Indonesian fast-food outlet. They actually scoop the piping hot rice into these paper sheets and wrap it like a burger.


A hit with the kids in my family. We ordered a platter of fried chicken to share, eaten with rice and this vegetable (carrots, tomato & corn) soup with its bits of chicken meat.

Fish burger

By the 2nd day, I got tired of the chicken-rice-soup combo and ordered this for myself.

Sandwich or burger, it's two of the same thing. Meat squished between two buns with veggies & mayo. Came piping hot and nicely secure in this package. A little frustrating for the very hungry me, I'd say.

Root beer float

Root beer with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream on a very hot day??

ANYTIME, baby. Anytime (though I really miss those chilled glass mugs, here).


My hubby's side of the family really love their fried chicken-rice-soup combo. Had the same thing here. Maybe, they'll even order something similar in McD.


Very interesting side.

Also known as 'perkedel'. I wish I can recall just what exactly is the name listed for this item on the menu. High chance it's Potato Croquette.

Talk about localising the menu, to suit the local tastebuds...

Given the fact that they don't really lack manpower & space here (for dishwashing), the food is actually served on proper porcelain plates. They even give us a whole plate when we ask for something to put the chili sauce in. :P

Yakiniku Rice

My order. I can't help ordering something that's wholly different from what I'm accustomed to.

Battered chicken fillet with 'Yakiniku' sauce. Served with garden salad & rice.

Kolonel's Katsu

"..with real Okonomiyaki sauce.." (as quoted from the poster).

Bread-crumbed chicken fillet topped with the above-mentioned sauce. Served with rice & side salad.

Ok, what's this deal with all these Japanese fusion stuff, huh?


Check out their menu HERE.

PS: The KFC there seem to tie up with some music company to sell CD singles of popular artistes. I can't resist getting a set that also includes the CD promo and got myself some Agnes Monica's music. :)))

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