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Bali ~ Eats @ Umah Pesisi

Umah Pesisi, the villa we stayed in while in Bali, is fully serviced by:
(as quoted from their website)

"...One full-time cook - Trained in the preparation of both local and international cuisine. A menu is provided, and the cook will do all the market shopping.."

Breakfast is ready!


Breads, alongside with both French & local butter. Strawberry, blueberry & pineapple jam.

Breakfast cereals provided were Corn Flakes. We also bought some Koko Crunch for the kids. Milk was provided. Default beverage was orange juice.


In one platter were carbs like slices of wholemeal & white bread, croissant & danish.

Fried rice

Indonesian breakfast is available by request. Comes with an additional cost.

On the 1st morning, we had Nasi Goreng (fried rice). On the 2nd, we were served Mie Goreng. Fried egg noodles (the wavy, yellow type that look no different from your instant noodles). Of course, we specially requested for there to be NO meat included, so it's just veggies and egg.

Taste alright, although I wish that it could have a bit of spice. However, I understand that he's accustomed to cooking for Caucasians who usually can't take much chili heat. Either that or he took into consideration, the kids we had with us.

Fruits platter

Always served at every meal, no matter breakfast or lunch.

Lunch ~ (by request - with additional charges).

A menu was provided, and the cook will do all the market shopping when we specifically request for a meal to be prepared.

Our request, once again is simple. No meats. Just seafood. We didn't really ask for any specific dish. So, when he was cooking up a storm for lunch on late that morning, it got us wondering, what he had prepared.

Us mommies were having our spa treatments in our rooms (Balinese massage + cream bath) and we can smell the aroma of the cooked food wafting in from the kitchen (the villa's has an open concept, after all). Hungrehh!

Sambal matah

Raw Shallot & Lemongrass 'Sambal'. A trademark condiment when eating local dishes in Bali. Especially when it involves seafood.

Then again, calling this a 'sambal' would have been too overrated. There's hardly any chili in here. Then again the reason could be similar as the one for the 'Nasi Goreng' above.

Bread-crumbed squid fritters

A hit with the kids. The squid were a tad chewy at some parts but it's mostly good. Comes accompanied with thousand-island dipping sauce.

Balinese salad/mixed vegetables

Long beans and white cabbage, blanched and mixed with spiced grated-coconut and toppped with fried shallots. Reminds me a lot like the Javanese 'urap', except that the coconut was more moist and sweet.

A very common vegetable dish with Balinese 'Nasi Campur' (with rice with mixed dishes).

Pan-fried tuna

Fresh tuna pieces that was marinated prior to being pan-fried & grilled. It's amazing how something so simple taste sooo good! I love those charred bits! Goes really well with the 'sambal matah'.

Tom Yum Goong

This caught me by surprise. I mean, a Thai dish in Bali?? Even if it's meant to accommodate the (usually) stereotypical taste-buds of the Caucasians, this is a tad too much, ain't it?

Thankfully, this was was well-executed. Very refreshing taste and surprisingly, not spicy (despite the reddish tint). Plus the fresh prawns and mushrooms easily lend some sweetness to this dish they're cooked in. Nice!

My plate

Pisang goreng

A nice end to a very fulfilling meal. A bit of warning though: the banana fritters her aren't crispy at all. Had it elsewhere and it was the same. Maybe it's their way of preparing it.

So don't go around expecting to hear/feel some crunch when biting into one, when you're there. Don't say I didn't warn you...

So there. My meals in that huge villa.

You can take a look at their available menu HERE.

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