Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mon An - Goi Cuon, finally!

UPDATE: The stall has moved to 459 Changi Road (Kassim Restaurant).

The fasting month of Ramadhan is looming near. This week will be the last that we'll have lunch together before we go on our 1-month 'break'. Gotta' accompany our Chinese colleague cum 'driver' before he either lunch alone or 'purposely make lunch appointments' (as quoted by him) from next week on.

We were wondering what we'll be lunching on (preferably something that we might miss consuming in the coming month). Then we recall our favourite Vietnamese haunt which happen to be Halal, too. My previous entries HERE & HERE.

Goi Cuon - Vietnamese Vegetable roll

Most of our previous experiences there, the ubiquitous 'Gui Cuon' (at other Vietnamese eateries, that is), always managed to elude us.

Apparently, only the proprietress cum cook can prepare them and she's constantly busy! More often than not, we never got to have them because she remained busy till' the end of our meal. So sad. :(

Till' today, we remain apprehensive and kept our expectations to a minimum. Imagine our excitement when we saw a tray of these, neatly stacked in the display window! Immediately, I placed an order for them before they run out and the proprietress got too busy to make any more.

These are also known as 'Summer Rolls'. I can see why. Thin, chewy skin stuffed with vermicelli & refreshing herbs like mint, basil & garlic chives. Makes for a very nice snack during a hot day.

Cha gio - Vietnamese spring roll

These were also neatly arranged on the tray beside the Gui Cuon. Although I have to admit that the ones I had previously looked much better. The rice paper skin seemed to almost come apart, maybe due to the oil temperature while frying.

Thankfully the filling remain as scrumptious.

Pho Bo - Vietnamese Beef Soup

This is as refreshing as ever!

They are very generous with the slices of tender beef. And the herb garnishings.

Plus, my colleague kept passing me her sinewy pieces of beef, much to my delight. You know those cuts of meat with lots of tendon trimmings? Yeah, incredible texture, they have. Yums!

Given our nice experience today, colleague decided that Thursday will be a good day to come by here for lunch. And considering that most of the stall hands are men, we conclude that they won't be around on a Friday afternoon because they'll be at the mosque for Friday prayers. Beside, it'll be a nightmare trying to get a parking lot since there's a mosque nearby.

The poor fella gotta' come here alone should he intend to come by here for lunch, in the coming month. Heh.

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