Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fish & Co. @ Parkway Parade

Table mat block

We saw that they have lunch specials and decide to take up the offer. The mains will come with homemade coleslaw, selected soft drinks & dessert.

Clam chowder soup

All of us chose to top up $1 for the soup-of-the-day instead of the coleslaw. Good thing, too. We later saw the coleslaw being served to the other table and it was a pretty sizable mound. We wouldn't be able to finish our mains like that!

This soup, meanwhile; is mediocre. And oily. Just how can a creamy soup be THAT oily?

Honestly, the clam chowder from LJS seems more desirable to me; at that moment.

Arctic Fish & Chips

My 2 female colleagues chose this set. Their trademark dish. I wonder what variant of fish was used though. 'Arctic'? Really??

My colleague set aside a big chunk of fried batter and I swooped in on it. It was delightfully light and crispy and seasoned nicely.

Platter for 1

Myself, being the advocate for variety; chose this, alongside my other colleague. When it arrived, we were like... erm...

That's one sorry looking piece of baked/grilled fish, man! And the amount of sauce was pathetic. The shrimps don't look too appealing either.

My friend managed to remark, "Wah, luckily never order a portion of the mussels!" I have to agree that the mussels doesn't look too promising.

The best thing has got to be the fried calalmari (which I much prefer over the one at MFM). The (instant-mix) mashed potato was alright. So much for wanting some variety, huh?

Chocolate mousse

We were served dessert in this cute little bowl, prior to the payment. The bowl must have been only 3inches across and it was filled with this yummy chilled, chocolate mousse.

And that sums up lunch for that day.

PS: Honestly speaking, I'm almost always skeptical when it comes to 'lunch promos'. Main reasons for such promos is to draw in crowds. And also, some people chose to have a lighter yet complete meal, hence it's either cheaper or portions are made smaller. But some places seem to take the opportunity to skimp on portions and presentation, from what I see. Pfft!

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