Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ah Nam BBQ Seafood

I'm quite surprised to see that I've not posted any entries on this place before, considering that I've been patronising their stall at Changi Village Food Center quite a number of times.

It was my dad who recommended this place, saying that their BBQ dishes are one of the best. The first time we went there, it was a weekday and we were somewhat amused by the loud, techno music blasting from inside the stall and the chef/proprietor actually singing/dancing while cooking.

Then there's the great service from his wife and stall hand, who were very accommodating to us newbies. We asked a lot of questions, they made some recommendations and they gave us extra condiments. We even find out that their fresh seafood comes directly from a kelong at the nearby Pulau Ubin. Can it get any fresher than that?

Needless to say, we love their service and their food enough to make return visits. At one time, they already opened the eatery at the neighbouring Blk 2 but the clueless us still patronise their stall in the food center instead. The food stall serve mainly stir-fry & bbq items while at the eatery, they have a full 'zhi char' menu. We sure miss out on a lot.

Somehow, there has been a void between our last visit there and now. And since we're heading to Changi Village, I recommend that we try out their eatery instead.

Here are what we ordered.

Onion Egg (Omelette)

Funnily enough, there are many reviewers out there praising this. I guess, you can't go wrong with the humble omelette right? Especially when this is such a nice accompaniment to other dishes.

But I have to agree that this omelette DOES taste good. Full of flavour (and ingredients) and moist. Not greasy, too. Maybe there's a little more something-something inside. Hmm... 'belacan', maybe?

Kangkong Belacan

You see the red chilli oil at the bottom of the plate? And the abundant amount of chili paste sticking on the kangkong leaves?

My advice: If you can't take the heat, please request for this dish to be less spicy. Seriously. Otherwise, it's all good. The leaves are cooked enough to make them soft, yet retain that little bit of crunch to make it delightful.

Cereal Prawns

An all-time favourite. Especially when my hubby is around.

Taste good however the prawns weren't a firm as I wanted. However the sweetness was there. Fresh prawns but maybe a different type from the ones I'm used to?

Only this dish warrant me to nibble on the whole prawns - head, tails and all. Sometimes even the heads rejected by others. Oooh.. the crunch!

Sweet & Sour Sea Bass

My favourite fish done in my favourite style.

I love their rendition - fish was fleshy yet managed to be fried till very crispy. They were very generous with the garnishings and the sauce is a nice balance of sweet & sour. My only gripe was that they could have been more generous with that wonderful sauce.

Honey Chicken


I had initially wanted to order the 'Har Cheong Kai' (prawn-paste chicken), something that my family have never tried before. Chicken marinated in prawn-paste and other seasonings before being deep fried till crispy. It was a favourite of my boss's and I got hooked on it as well, despite the obvious stink.

However, the server (I think he's the boss's son) recommended this Honey Chicken instead. I told him I want crispy, fried chicken and he told me that this is and I will definitely like it. And boy, was he right! Very crispy outside, with slightly sweetened and juicy chicken meat. Awesome!

When my bro made payment at the counter, he asked how the chicken is done and the guy generously told him. Marinate the chicken, then fry. Then coat with honey and flour then fry again...

Okay, that wasn't the detailed description since my bro kinda forgot what he was told and I kinda' forgot what he told me so this is definitely incomplete but yeah, you get the idea.

I'm sooo going to get this again. Food is good and prices are reasonable. And the ambience while dining alfresco at Changi Village on a weekend night - well it's gonna be worth another trip!

You can find their menu HERE (for their old stall selling BBQ & stir-fried dishes).

Ah Nam BBQ Seafood
Blk 2 Changi Village Rd
S (500002)

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