Monday, December 03, 2007

work life balance

Here's something that a friend who's still working (and studying) in 'this line', namely: Architecture or more 'fondly' known as 'archi-torture'.

He recommended this site:

And there's this interesting entry that most of my peers can't agree more on:

work life balance

Generally, in architectural practises, office hours get stretched a little bit. Not only for junior ranks or interns during peak periods – it’s common. You know - architectural practices have a lot of hour-sucking work. Funny enough, architects are often proud of that.

Being surrounded mostly by colleagues younger than thirty might be a good indicator for an office with a bad work life balance policy. People tend to leave these kind of places when they get older and switch to a firm that reflects their demands for life: spend time with family and kids, develop new interests, learning a language, charity work, ...

anArchitecture doesn’t mind hard work – but it's important to have a life outside the office. Architects have to give their clients an optimistic outlook to something new. How should they do that if they’re just staying in the office?

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