Wednesday, December 26, 2007

my engagement

my engagement

As u can see, it's not really the hush2x affair that I've always wanted. Apparently, my mum have other ideas, much the the chagrin of the rest of my family.

Despite the fact that I was still doing marketing at Geylang with her on the big day itself (till 11+am!) and running around like a headless chicken the days before, I'm glad all went well.

Many many thanks to all those who made it possible and to both my Paternal & Maternal cousins, Thank You soooo much for being there for/with me!

Those who contribute to the goodie trays, thank you! In fact the only thing from me is the cake itself. Just that. The rest are contributions.

Many thanks also to Tini & her sis, Kak Yani for doing my face & hair. And also to Jeemee, my collegue cum photographer. The shots are fabulous!

And yes, my fiance (gosh, it's still weird to call him tat) came by in the evening, to many cat-calls from my relatives, who stayed back to see him. And not to mention my pals, who hung around just so they can have a glimpse of him.

My bro was the one who put on his ring (albeit on the wrong hand). The 'abang-ipar' (elder bro-in-law) who is younger than he is.. heheh...

**click on pic to get to photo album.

PS: For privacy reasons, I dun really upload pics of ppl taken with me. Pls email or SMS me to request. Thank you!


minervanmuse said...

Ah, gorgeous pictures, dear Bayya. You look lovely. :)
Glad all went well.

Here's wishing you & all your loved ones a superb New Year.
May you always be blessed with bliss, peace, good health, success & many more great moments in life.
Loadsa Luv always, us*

CT said...

Thank you Minerva.

Sorry it took so long for a reply to come in. I didn't know my reply didn't went thru' previously...

hanks again! *blush*