Wednesday, December 05, 2007

tini's new baby boy!

welcome to the world...

..... Muhd Danish (I hope I got the spelling right and what's the other name, again..?)

Yesh, it's a boy!

On Monday, 3rd December 2007, at around 8pm, ma dear fren of more than 18 years, Suriatini, finally gave birth!

Woo hoo!

And she just SMSed me to say that both her son and herself have been discharged, meaning there are no complications whatsoever.


Hope the drink from soaking the usefaul herb, Bunga Fatima helps with the smooth delivery.

That's what I heard it's for.

Will visit you soon. I know I will cos' my mum's just so excited to see you both!

And oh, Congratulations to the father of the baby, too!

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