Monday, December 10, 2007

that saturday pt 1

that saturday pt. 1

That Tattooist is a pretty boring movie, eh?

I tot' he had chosen the movie because of its "action" label. Then I realised that this is a horror movie. Okayy...

It doesn't take long for me to realise that he watched this movie because it was a part-kiwi movie. Wait, it's 80% Kiwi, if you ask me.

He's sooo into the Kiwi culture. No thanks to his rugby days.

Well, at least I can convince him to save up for a trip to New Zealand! So what if he's there to do the Hakka dance with the Maoris. I'm gonna get my bungy, white-water rafting and zorb
ball. Yeah, I think a plan is in hand....

Oklah, back to the said movie. The little bit of patriotism left in me brought on this slight tingle on seeing that the movie starts in Singapore. Almost felt like an STB ad.

And it doesn't take a genius to realise that my slight gasp and, "Oh, Hallo...!" upon seeing Jason Behr's naked form standing on the hotel balcony at Swissotel Westin - was a big mistake.

Was that a pinch I felt, in the darkness..? Heh.

He had a hot bod and the tattoos on him was just too sexy, lah. Uber sexy..! YUM!

Jason Behr, I mean. Did I also mention that his eyes are really, really sexy?!

Caroline Cheong was different from how we've seen her on local tv. Supposedly vampy..?

Everything seems fine, until she talked, that is. I dunno if she's supposed to be a Kiwi in the movie but she sounded so... Ah-Lian.

Her voice intonations bordered on being irritating and the Singlish seemed to linger in her dialogues.

But I like the scenes where her character started dying. Maybe that's because I finally didn't get distracted by her voice, seeing that she no longer talked.

But at the end of the movie, I realised that I have a crush on the character, Alipati, the Samoan tattooist.

He's got this sweet features, (very) nice bod and was very charismatic. VERY.

And yes, that was a string of sweets around his neck.

But I do get some digs from watching this movie, seeing that I was a big fan of the tv show, Miami Ink.

Tattoo culture is interesting, provided one breaks out of the stigma of seeing it as a religious infringement and see it more as an artform.

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