Friday, December 07, 2007

boys brigade gift box

boys brigade sharity gift box

Ok everyone! You know what to do!

It's that time of the year again and it's just so convenient that these boxes are mostly outside the supermarkets, ain't it??

So go buy groceries for those who need them! As you pick out your own household goods, don't forget to pick out some for them. Simple stuff like rice, oil, sugar, biscuits, noodles etc. Dry goods, that is.

Then hand these groceries to the boys stationed outside the places mentioned below. They'll be grateful for making their wait worth it.

And you can volunteer to help them deliver, too!


Ruf said...

Guess what? My company has this Sharity Gift Box tie-up with Boys Brigade every year..

Great thing, so we won't have to think where to buy and what to buy.

There will be a list of things needed by individuals or families and we just have to choose the wish we want to grant and wallah! buy it and sent it via Boys Brigade!

CT said...

Oh yeah, I saw it on their website. it's the "wish tree, wish list" or smth liddat la.

What wish did you help grant?

Any reasonable wishes that I can help with?